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Correspond: 24 Exeter Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 6YF

Quality Maritime Books about major incidents during
World War Two
by Brian James Crabb

Book Titles:

Passage to Destiny (1997 out of print 2011)
In Harm's Way (1998)
The Forgotten Tragedy (2002)
Beyond the Call of Duty (2006)
Operation Pedestal (2014)
Passage to Destiny - revision (2015)
Operation Demon (2018)

How Brian Crabb started writing

On 12 December 1991 Brian lost his best friend and father Percival Crabb. The following year he decided to try to improve a coveted photograph album headed HMS Kenya, which was owned by his late father. What transpired, initially, was two books: 'Passage to Destiny' The story of the sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail and published in 1997 and 'In Harm's Way' The story of HMS Kenya, which was published the year after. Writing them helped the author to come to terms with his great loss.

Books written by Brian Crabb since 1992:

Passage to Destiny - 1997
(out of print May 2011)
In Harm's Way - 1998
The Forgotten Tragedy - 2002
Beyond the Call of Duty - 2006
Operation Pedestal - 2014

Passage to Destiny
(Revision) - 2015
Operation Demon - in the process of being researched and written

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