Passage to Destiny

 Passage To Destiny

The Story of the Sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail

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Percival Crabb's eyewitness account of the sinking and his eventual rescue
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It gives the author great pleasure to announce that the revision of 'Passage to Destiny' is now back in print, as from 6 August 2015. To place an order for this 'very limited edition and signed copy of a very beautiful hardback book' please send an email to the address below.
The cost is £24.00p, plus postage (£2.85p if within the boundaries of the United Kingdom, making a total of £26.85p).

Poignant letter written by Myrtle Dempster, sister of 22 year old Alan Keith Jackman Dempster, who was sadly lost in the troopship Khedive Ismail:

'The book Passage to Destiny is very interesting, although sad to read. I was amazed at my ignorance of such battles and how all this was kept secret from the public at that time. I wonder what else they have hidden from us. I feel more relieved knowing more about my young brother's death, the uncertainty of past years has always bothered me.'

Pictures of the following people appear in the revision:

Percival Crabb
Roderick William Macaulay Whiteman DSC
John Auverny Stevens OBE
Kenneth McKay Currie
Edith Mary Bateman
Beatrice Dunbar Thomson
George Edward Waterfield
Henry Groom
William Robert Howard
Norah Munro
William Ashley Page
Frank George Hack
Arthur Walter Lucas
George Harry Joseph Redman
Phyllis Hutchinson
Thomas Benjamin Fox
Edwin William Turner
Leonard James Docwra
Gloria Angele West
William Finbar Prendergast
Kenneth Cecil Gandar Dower
Eric Clifford Horrell
Gloria Angele Smith
Vera Joyce Crabb
Patrick Joseph Breen
Roy Henbest
Maureen Macaire
Brian James Crabb
Toshiaki Fukumura
Heather Mowbray Smail
Helen Murray Robertson
Sheila Hamnett
Shelagh Robinson
Douglas William Harcourt Freer
Margaret Joyce Garrett
Robert Henry Brunner
Cyril Andrews
Barbara May Austin
James Banks
Gladys May Barwell
Harold Boaz
Mary Elizabeth Breakell
Gordon Ernest Carter
Patricia Cashmore
Reginald Albert Edward Clark
Jean Margaret Clark-Wilson
Stanley William Cole
Dennis George Gumbrell
Marie Jarman
Barbara Kentish
Fred Le Gassick
Muriel Emily Leckey
Thomas Dick McGillivray
Jack Milward
Harold Norman
Sidney William Pengilly
Barbara Pirie
Frederick Simons
David White
Pamela Irene Wyllie




The Sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail in the Sea War against Japan

This book tells the full story of the loss of the troopship SS Khedive Ismail in convoy KR8 in February 1944.
    No fewer than 1,296 people lost their lives in the space of the 100 seconds it took to sink the ship, including 77 women (the single worst loss of female personnel in the history of the British Commonwealth). Carrying 1,511 personnel from the Army and the Royal and Merchant Navies, the SS Khedive Ismail sank on Saturday 12 February 1944 when torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I 27 in the Indian Ocean. Only 209 men and 6 women survived the ordeal.
    The submarine was eventually depth charged to the surface by the destroyers Paladin and Petard, and the book includes an account of their difficult but successful attempt to sink her, a campaign which forced the Navy to attack through some of the survivors.
The sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail was the third worst Allied mercantile shipping disaster of the Second World War.
    This book includes many appendices, including the names of the entire ship's complement and includes over 140 illustrations.
    This is an excellent account about a 'forgotten ship' and I would very highly recommend this book to all our readers.

Published by: Shaun Tyas, 1 High Street, Donington, Lincolnshire, PE11 4TA. Also available (signed by the author/and dedicated - if required) direct from: Brian Crabb Tel: 01275 844229, mobile: 07811582082 or email
ISBN 978-1-907730-41-2
Hardback 246mm x 190mm, 212 pp illustrated. Price £24 plus £2.85p postage (only in the boundaries of the United Kingdom)

Book Review

From 1,511 personnel on board only 209 men and 6 women survived the ordeal and became the single worst loss of Allied female service personnel in Britain's seafaring history and Britain's third worst mercantile disaster in the Second World War.

7 November 2015

by Richard Skuse

This review is of the book: 'Passage to Destiny' The Sinking of the Troopship Khedive Ismail in the Sea War Against Japan (Hardcover).

If you are interested in historical naval history then this is a must buy book.
The book tells the story of the troopship Khedive Ismail in a convoy torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in World War Two and, as the author states, carrying 1,511 personnel; only 209 men and 6 women survived the ordeal which became the single worst loss of female service personnel in the history of the British Commonwealth.
It is packed with interesting detail and eyewitness accounts and also includes over 140 illustrations, with line drawings hand produced by the author.
This book can be used as an historically accurate reference book, but also is easy to read with many human stories and even in the mist of tragedy some humorous incidences.
This book goes all the way to honour all those who lost their lives and the few survivors who were on this ill-fated ship.


Book Review

November 2015


The Sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail in the Sea War against Japan

by Brian James Crabb

The SS Khedive Ismail, a troopship in convoy KR8 was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I 27 on Saturday 12 February 1944 in the Indian Ocean. She sank in less than two minutes with the loss of 1,296 lives. This was a major disaster, the third worst Allied mercantile shipping disaster of the Second World War. Many of the Admiralty papers regarding this tragedy were not released until forty years later. There were many serious issues raised - the inadequacy of the convoy escort, the failure to zigzag, the failure to provide air cover and post the sinking, the decision by two escort destroyers to attack the submarine through some of the survivors in the water. The author, whose father survived the sinking, draws a compelling read based on records, the accounts of survivors and eyewitnesses on other ships. The book includes many appendices, including the names of the entire ship's complement and over 140 illustrations.
    I knew nothing about this dreadful tragedy. This revised and updated edition is a credit to the author telling the real story of the loss of the SS Khedive Ismail, a story which at the time many wanted to keep suppressed.
Hardback: £26.80 including postage and packing (UK) + £12 Rest of the World

Order direct from Brian Crabb, 24 Exeter Road, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 6YF, England.
Tel: 01275 844229 or 07811 582082 (mobile)
or email:
Another recent book review on the Amazon website with the credit of 5 Stars, no less, was reviewed by Janet Whiteman on 8 October 2015. She was married to the late son of the late Captain Roderick William Macaulay Whiteman, master of the ill fated SS Khedive Ismail.

My late husband Roderick William MacAulay Whiteman (son of the late Captain Roderick W. M. Whiteman) would have been so pleased to read both editions of the book entitled Passage to Destiny. He did try to find information about his late father's naval career during WW1 & WW2, but to no avail. It was just the stories his late mother told of their stay in Alexandria and also of her experience returning to the UK with their two young children.
Passage to Destiny - is a wonderful book.

Sometimes a short message touches the heart. this one, for me, did just that. BJC:

Dear Brian
    I have to confess to having read your book Passage to Destiny in one sitting!
    Be in no doubt that your father would have been so proud of your achievement.

Many thanks

Email received 9 September 2015

Dear Brian

I have received the books, thank you very much. I would
like to add I am most impressed with them, I really wasn't
expecting such a professionally finished item.
Once again thank you for all your hard work in researching
and producing the book which has given us valuable insight
into a part of our grandfather's we didn't know about.
I haven't given my mother in law her copy yet as she is on
holiday but I'm sure she will be as overwhelmed as we are.

Congratulations on such a wonderful piece of work.
Best wishes

Jane McGowan
(Email received 8 September 2015)

Short Note posted on 20 August 2015:

Dear Brian
     I safely received the copies of Passage to Destiny thank you very much.
     What a staggering amount of detail is included, the ship's life and sadly its end. Great credit is due to you. Your father must have had a very frightening and difficult time, as did so many.
     I am pleased with the fantastic presentation of the book, it will eventually be passed down to nephews and their families; we are a close family
     I greatly express my sincere thanks to you for the information I now have.
Kind regards
Very Best Wishes
Tony Carter
PS It is interesting that the book arrived at the same time as we remember those that were involved in the Japanese WW2 after 70 years.

To place your order please contact:
or write to:
Brian Crabb
24 Exeter Road
BS20 6YF


This is a very moving and extremely well-researched account of one of the most tragic incidents of loss of life to occur in British maritime history. It does great honour to all those who died. and to those who survived this terrible disaster. The author has gone to great lengths to supply exact technical and historical details. What I found most moving of all was the complete list of the names of every person male and female, military and civilian, survivor and victim, involved in this tragedy.

Steve Watts

19 September 2015


This is a revised and expanded edition of Brian Crabb's book, originally published in 1997. Such was the success and interest generated by that book, many people contacted Brian with new information. All this has been incorporated into the new book together with many new photographs. A new layout has also enabled the artwork to be better presented.
      This excellent book is the result of meticulous research and epitomizes the attention to detail that the author brings to all his books. At the same time, it does not shy away from the human aspects of a disaster that resulted in the loss of so many lives and the dilemmas faced by the people involved, notably those in positions of command. It is written in an easy, approachable style and maintains the reader's interest equally whilst explaining technical details of the ship's construction, as well as recounting the fascinating recollections of eye witnesses.

Review by Clive Owen (ex-Major/British Army)
6 September 2015

This is the full story of the loss of the troopship SS Khedive Ismail in convoy KR8 in February 1944. 1,296 people lost their lives in the space of the 100 seconds it took to sink the ship, including seventy-seven women (the single worst loss of female personnel in the history of the British Commonwealth). Carrying 1,511 personnel from the Army and the Royal and Merchant Navies, the Khedive Ismail sank on Saturday 12 February 1944 when torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I 27 in the Indian Ocean. Only 209 men and 6 women survived the ordeal. The submarine was then depth charged to the surface by the destroyers Paladin and Petard and the book includes an account of their difficult but successful attempt to sink her, a campaign which forced the Navy to attack the submarine through some of the survivors (this incident inspired a similar detail in the novel The Cruel Sea). This compelling read draws on many eyewitness accounts and previously unpublished Admiralty papers, many of which were not released for forty years because of their sensitivity, for the sinking of the Khedive Ismail was the third worst Allied maritime shipping disaster of the Second World War. The book includes many appendices, including the names of the entire ship's complement and includes over 140 illustrations. The painting on the front cover is by maritime artist Robert Blackwell. This is the revised second edition of the book. The first appeared in 1997, but has long been out of print. This new edition includes a great many more photographs and many more eye-witness accounts, and more appendices, and there is a comprehensive index. The ship was built at Greenock in Scotland and launched in 1922 as the SS Aconcagua (owned by a South American company). She was sold in 1935 to an Egyptian line and renamed in honour of the famous nineteenth-century ruler of Egypt. In 1940 she was requisitioned to serve as a troop carrier and took part in many convoys in the Indian Ocean before being sunk in 1944.

Description by Amazon Books - August 2015

Book Reviews:

Passage to Destiny

The sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail in the sea war against Japan

by Brian James Crabb

This book tells the untold story of the loss of the troopship SS Khedive Ismail in Convoy KR8 in February, 1944. No less than 1,296 people lost their lives in the space of the two minutes it took to sink the ship, including seventy-seven women (the single worst loss of female service personnel in the history of the British Commonwealth). Carrying 1,511 personnel from the Army and the Royal and Merchant Navies, the Khedive Ismail sank on Saturday 12 February 1944, torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-27 in the Indian Ocean. Only 209 men and 6 women survived the ordeal.

The submarine was depth charged to the surface by the destroyers Paladin and Petard, and the book includes an account of their difficult but successful attempt to sink her, a campaign which forced the Navy to depth charge the submarine through some of the survivors.

This compelling read draws on many eye-witness accounts and previously unpublished Admiralty papers, many of which were not released for forty years because of their sensitivity, for the sinking of the Khedive Ismail was Britain's third worst Allied mercantile shipping disaster of the Second World War.

The book includes several appendices, including the names of the entire ship's complement, and includes a generous fifty-three illustrations.

Passage to Destiny

Forgotten story of a doomed ship

It was one of the most dramatic naval encounters of the last war – and yet the the loss of the troopship SS Khedive Ismail has been largely forgotten by everyone outside an ever decreasing circle of survivors and their relatives. Local author Brian Crabb tells the fascinating and genuinely moving story in Passage to Destiny (Paul Watkins Publishing, £14.95p). Brian, who lives in Portishead and runs a garage business in Clifton, has strong personal reasons for retelling the story. His father Percival Crabb (Buster to his shipmates) was one of the few survivors to escape as the torpedoed troopship took just two minutes to slide beneath the Indian Ocean back in February 1944.
    The former liner had left the African port of Kilindini as part of convoy KR8 crowded with black soldiers from the 301st Field Artillery Regiment bound for Burma, along with a strong contingent of female auxiliaries and nursing staff. But an attacking Japanese submarine succeeded in putting two torpedoes in her engine room, blowing up her boilers and sentencing the majority of the trapped African troops and nursing staff to a watery grave. No less than 1,296 of them lost their lives.
    Brian's father, who later worked at Fisons in Avonmouth, was one of the lucky survivors - hauling himself out of a porthole precious seconds before the ship went down. Another survivor, Bill Howard, had almost given up hope of rescuing a trapped Wren when escaping air literally blew the pair of them to the surface.
    But the swimmers problems were not over yet. British destroyers raced in to attack the Japanese sub, dropping depth charges through the survivors. Laconic naval reports admitted this may have added to the casualty list but certainly kept the sharks at bay. The incident was later used by writer Nicholas Monserrat in his novel The Cruel Sea.
    The Japanese sub was forced to the surface and eventually blown in two, its crew following the Khedive Ismail to the bottom. This is a truly compelling story, told simply and without frills by the people involved and it is also lavishly illustrated.

Review by Simon Harding - 27 February 1998
Bristol Observer


Passage to Destiny

Book Review by Captain Spencer Drummond RN
Published in: The Naval Review Vol. 86 No.1 January 1998

In February 1944, this small troopship [Khedive Ismail] was torpedoed near Addu Atoll whilst in convoy from Mombasa to Colombo. She sank in under two minutes and only 215 survived of 1,511 on board. One survivor was Chief Petty Officer Stoker Percival Crabb RN whose son, Brian, has recently interviewed a number of survivors and made an exhaustive search through old records to produce an excellent account of events leading up to the attack; the subsequent A/S hunt; the Board of Inquiry and the reactions of C-in-C Eastern Fleet (Admiral Somerville) and the Admiralty. There are many quotations and reports made at the time and, more poignant, survivors' accounts on how they managed to escape from the capsizing ship and the horror of being depth charged in the water. More amusing was the reaction of a gunner (T) when one after another of his precious torpedoes failed to hit an almost stationary surfaced submarine!
    The convoy consisted of five small troopships and was carrying some 6,000 personnel, mostly Army. The WWI cruiser Hawkins (not A/S fitted) was the only through escort and Escort Force Commander. Although the convoy speed was well in excess of 11 knots, above which regulations laid down that convoys should zigzag, it was decided not to do so, in part because no submarines were known to be in the area. 12 February dawned fair and calm and destroyers Petard and Paladin joined as A/S escort for the last two days to Colombo. (An intended third destroyer had a defect). They took station one on each bow and zigzagged.
    At 1433 the Khedive Ismail was torpedoed on her starboard side abreast the engine room and a few seconds later another one hit her abreast the boiler room. She rapidly heeled over to starboard on to her beam ends, broke in two and sank within two minutes. Most of those on board were trapped below although a few escaped through portholes or by getting on deck. Those on deck who were able to get overboard from the near vertical decks were usually sucked down with the ship – not all survived this. Some 30 liferafts floated off as did a few lifeboats, mostly capsized.
    The convoy dispersed, reformed and moved on whilst Petard and Paladin came back to search for the submarine. This did not prove easy and it was 30 minutes before the first depth charge attack was made on an uncertain target underneath where survivors were scattered – many were still in the water although officers were attempting to herd them together and get them on to rafts. As opportunity offered ships' boats were put down. After over an hour of attacks a large Japanese submarine suddenly surfaced at 1620. As she then appeared impervious to gun and DC attacks and fearing she might dive, Paladin set course to ram her. She failed and ended up with a hydroplane slice in her engine room extending 80 ft aft and was herself in danger of sinking! The Senior Officer, Petard, took over and decided to torpedo the sub with a single shot which missed. So did the next five single shots! Happily No. 7 hit and the submarine sank. Next morning Petard reached Addu Atoll with Paladin in tow thus leaving the convoy with no A/S escort.
      Higher Authorities were critical of the decision that the convoy should not zigzag. One might also comment on the tactics of the destroyers; however they did 'get their man'. The author considers that more of the Eastern Fleet's limited assets should have been devoted to the protection of human lives nor is he happy about DCs near survivors. Although some of his terminology suggests he is not a naval man he has put together a very good detailed account of a short and tragic incident of war.


Foreword by Gloria Smith (nèe West)


I had been discussing my experiences in the Women's Territorial Service (East Africa) during the Second World War, and in particular the tragic sinking of the troopship Khedive Ismail on 12 February 1944, with my daughter Maureen. As a result she suggested that I made notes about the incident. Shortly afterwards I received a letter from an ex-Army colleague asking me for news about her sister, who sadly had not survived the tragedy. I sent her a copy of the notes I had made; I then received a letter from Brian Crabb, who informed me that he was writing a book about the disaster and that he had attended a special 50th memorial service at St Mary le Strand, the Wren's church in the Strand, London, and had been given my notes by Sheila Hamnett, who had part organised the event and been handed them by a family relation. Through exchanging information and answering numerous questions I got to know Brian and we became pen friends. In November 1997 me and my family had great pleasure welcoming Brian and his wife Angie to a two-week visit to Cape Town.
    Brian's book Passage to Destiny was published in September the same year and went out of print in October 2010. This revised edition, although the main text generally remains the same, is larger than the original version and includes new stories. Additional illustrations include brochures advertising the ship's earlier scheduled voyages from Chile to New York and her pre-war activities in the Mediterranean under her Egyptian ownership. There are photographs of Aconcagua/Teno during building and launching and interior views of the two ships. It also includes photographs of the music room and the pianist, showing the grand piano where Nursing Sister Edith Bateman was playing the Warsaw Concerto during the first concert. She was silenced when the first torpedo struck the ship. There is also a picture of my friend Beatrice 'Tommy' Thomson, who I was sat with on the promenade deck at the time of the attack (we had decided to attend the second performance due to overcrowding); and Bombardier George Waterfield, the man who spoke to me on deck before I jumped into the sea, and a more recent photograph of Kilindini Docks where 54 nurses, 19 Wrens and 9 Women's Territorial Service girls excitedly boarded the troopship Khedive Ismail, after travelling overnight by train from Nairobi.
    Brian's research has revealed all but one of the Europeans Christian names and most of their ages, both lost and saved, of those on board. There is also detailed information about the naval career of Toshiaki Fukumura, the commander of the large Japanese submarine I 27.
    I am extremely grateful to Brian, who has travelled far and wide to acquire extra information and wish him every success with this new edition. I feel that his book is a fitting memorial to all those lost as a result of the sinking of the troopship Khedive Ismail and the survivors who have since passed away.

Gloria Angèle Smith (née West) survivor of the SS Khedive Ismail

Note from the author:

When I first met Gloria with my wife Angela, at Cape Town airport, she immediately warmed to us, as we did her. Her written dedication, to me, in the first copy, I feel, is worth recording in this new edition:


Dear Brian

Thank you for your fantastic effort in recording a tragic event which otherwise would have faded into obscurity.
I hope your book, which is a wonderful memorial to those involved, will be a resounding success. 

With Best Wishes

Gloria Smith

23 November 1997


 Percival Crabb's personal account of the sinking of the troopship Khedive Ismail:

Dear Sir

I have been taking your Navy News for the past two years and reading it from end to end. Your issue of 1977 gives an account of the troopship Khedive Ismail and HM Ships Petard, Paladin and Hawkins. I happen to be very interested in this story, as I was one of the 199 who were picked up by HMS Paladin on that fateful day of 12 February 1944.
    I was in the POs mess with seven other petty officers when the troopship was torpedoed between 1400 and 1500. By I believe two tin fish, one in the engine room and one aft under the counter, I was asleep at the time. Immediately she listed over; everyone made a dash for the companionway except yours truly and PO Harper; we both made for the two portholes, which were open. I remember scrambling through and hobbling down the ship's side, stepping over the rolling chock and diving into the sea, by the time I surfaced the ship had gone. I swam to a green smoke canister some thirty yards away, hanging on to this I looked around me, there were several survivors either swimming or hanging on to whatever floated.
    The convoy had dispersed by this time and it seemed we were left to our own devices; some 200 yards away were two lifeboats from the ship, one upside down, survivors were all making for them so I decided to do the same.
    I am almost certain the submarine passed under me, as there was quite a turbulence of water and a wake left behind. This was the scene when the destroyers Petard and Paladin arrived at high speed, the submarine must have been picked up on their asdics, because they started depth charging some 300 yards away. I distinctly remember one charge from the thrower exploding just above the surface of the sea. It was a very strange experience to feel the shock waves coming through the water and the almighty thump in the stomach. Luckily, I was still hanging on to the smoke float, which took most of the concussion.
    Paladin had dropped off a motor boat and sea boat to pick up survivors. I eventually made it to the troopship's lifeboat and got aboard, we managed to row the boat towards Paladin, which was slowly circling us, while Petard was still depth charging further away. We got alongside Paladin and hastily scrambled aboard, among us were three nursing sisters, two wrens and one South African WTS; this was all that was left of their contingents. I remember a seaman throwing me a pair of sandals, as I was barefoot, because the steel decks of the destroyer were very hot.
    At that moment a large Japanese submarine came to the surface and both ships opened fire and then Paladin started to increase speed, she was going in to ram. We were told to hang on to something solid, as the ship closed the submarine at high speed, the submarine veered off and Paladin struck her a glancing blow, the submarine's hydroplanes tore a hole from the forward boiler room right aft to the engine room, putting the ship out of action, and flooding the boiler and engine rooms.
    Survivors and crew went about the ship throwing everything moveable over the side to lighten her. I dumped loads of 4 inch shells from ready use lockers. Both sets of quadruple torpedo tubes were turned outboard by hand and fired to lighten ship. On board Petard, six torpedoes were fired at the Japanese submarine, but they all missed, the seventh was fired by local control and did the trick. It blew the submarine in half; I watched the two halves upend and sink with no survivors.
    The next job was to remove everyone except essential personnel from Paladin to Petard, a tricky manoeuvre, but successfully done and now the job of all jobs, to take Paladin in tow and get her back to safety. After 36 hours of towing we arrived at Addu Atoll where the cruiser Hawkins was waiting with everything from pumps, collision mats, shoring and personnel to get Paladin seaworthy for the long trip to South Africa for essential repairs.
    All the survivors were transferred to Hawkins which proceeded to Colombo, Ceylon. We were landed a day later beside the dry dock and oiling berth. Terra firma never felt better when I limped ashore. I forgot to say I was recovering from a broken tibia and fibula, after six months in the 87th General Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.
    There was a service doctor, his wife and baby son on board the troopship, but none of them survived the disaster; we were all told the ship sank in thirty-one seconds. I myself cannot say; I was occupied in a more urgent matter.
Hoping this puts some of the facts right, maybe I'm a bit out with the times, as it is now some thirty years since this dreadful thing happened, and now seems a very bad dream.

I Remain
Yours Sincerely
Percival Crabb, ex-Acting Petty Officer Stoker RN
D/KX 85084


Stoker Percival Buster Crabb. The photograph was taken on 1 May 1940, just weeks after his involvement in the evacuation of Dunkirk (Operation Dynamo). He had helped crew a French torpedo boat (either the Bouclier, La Flore or L'Incomprise). However, while lying on the lower after deck, pulling on board waist-deep soldiers from the beach, he was shot in the leg. Luckily for him it was an in/out flesh wound. In August the same year he joined the brand new 6 inch cruiser HMS Kenya. He was forced to leave the ship in August 1943, when he broke his leg while playing in an inter-ship football competition.


A revision of Passage to Destiny is now available from the beginning of August 2015. It contains a lot more interesting photographs, shipping brochures and some more accounts from survivors. The Roll of Honour and the list of survivors is much more comprehensive. There is also brief histories of Toshiaki Fukumura, the Japanese commander of I 27, the submarine that torpedoed and sank Khedive Ismail and Captain Roderick William Macaulay Whiteman, the master of the ill-fayed troopship. All this extra information has come to light since September 1997, when the first version was published. The price is £24 Sterling plus postage. Pre-orders can be made by email, and a price including postage can be quoted. Pre-payment can be made if desired. To order a signed copy simply contact the author at:
The author can also be contacted by telephone on: 01275 844229 (or 00441275844229 from abroad) or 07811582082.

Roll of Honour:

List of Royal Navy personnel lost in the sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail on Saturday 12 February 1944 in the Indian Ocean:

Royal Navy Officers

Bunt Richard Ford (44) Lieutenant (Tana)
Merrill Leslie (32) Surgeon Lieutenant Commander (Kipanga)
Mickleburgh Leslie William (37) South Africa, Warrant Writer Officer (Tana)
Toomey Patrick John (39) Warrant Supply Officer (Adamant)
Whitelaw Robert (36) Scotland, Paymaster Lieutenant Commander (Supply) RNVR (Highflyer)

Royal Navy Personnel (including 7 DEMS)

Note: The prefix letters, shown below, denote where each naval rating was originally registered.
The letter/letters and number are their official RN identification:
C/Chatham (Chats), D/Devonport (Guzz), P/Portsmouth (Pompey) and LT/Lowestoft, FAA/Fleet Air Arm
(Bracketed) information after rank/job description denotes that the deceased was on the payroll of a named ship or shore establishment. However, they were all on passage in the troopship Khedive Ismail to Colombo.
Other abbreviations used below are: DEMS: Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships.

Addis Cyril William Croft (22) Stoker 2nd Class (Copra) P/KX 121419
Allcock Albert Edward (24) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 524747
Allen Arthur Charles (18) Ordinary Signalman (Assegai) D/JX 575731
Andrews Cyril (23) Able Seaman (DEMS) (President III) P/JX 334765
Arliss Reginald Francis (37) Petty Officer (Assegai) D/J 105903
Ashton Edward (21) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 621236
Astbury Sidney (29) Able Seaman (DEMS) (President III) D/JX 398234
Baker Ivor Lewis (21) Wales, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 553594
Banks James (24) Able Seaman (Afrikander) D/SSX 22054
Barker Robert Henry (19) Ordinary Seaman (Tana) C/JX 350669
Barnicoat Harry (49) Petty Officer (Lanka) D/J 39129
Barrett Frank James (37) Able Seaman (DEMS) (Lanka) C/JX 311077
Bennett Norman (20) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 622410
Bicknell Kenneth (18) Ordinary Signalman (Lanka) C/JX 571853
Bingham Sidney Charles (33) Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka)
C/MX 622947
Binns Geoffrey (18) Ordinary Coder (Lanka) C/JX 609074
Birch Ronald Roy (19) Engine Room Artificer 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 503123
Birch Stanley (19) Engine Room Artificer 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 117134
Blake John Hodgson (20) Engine Room Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 95127
Bleasby Frank (19) Assistant Steward (Assegai) D/LX 572948
Blencowe Eric John (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527840
Bowden William Arthur (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 163128
Bower Maurice Frank (20) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) P/KX 137967
Brackell William Andrew (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 560488
Bradshaw Sidney (18) Ordinary Signalman (Lanka) C/JX 455080
Bratt Victor Edwin (42) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) C/KX 126541
Burgoyne Reginald William Arthur (20) Engine Room Artificer 5th Class (Lanka) C/MX 622849
Burt Albert Leslie (20) Leading Airman (Kipanga) FAA/FX 91604
Butler Clifford (29) Wales, Stoker 1st Class (Ironclad) D/KX 134698
Carpenter Reginald Douglas (27) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) C/KX 127792
Carter Gordon Ernest (20) Motor Mechanic (Assegai) D/MX 510964
Clark Reginald Albert Edward (31) Ordnance Mechanic 4th Class (Lanka)
P/MX 98882
Clark William (20) Able Seaman (Lanka) C/JX 315436
Clarke Edward Arthur (22) Engine Room Mechanic 4th Class (Lanka)
P/MX 989988
Clarke Harold (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527719
Cockle Arthur George (21) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 157935
Cole Stanley William (22) Engine Room Artificer 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 501954
Colley Harold John (21) Sick Berth Attendant (Assegai) D/MX 100773
Cooke Leonard Ernest (30) Leading Writer (Lanka) C/MX 86810
Cooksey Ronald Albert (21) Sick Berth Attendant (Assegai) D/MX 100202
Cookson John Edward (26) Petty Officer Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 125945
Cooper Roland (21) Joiner 4th Class (Lanka) P/MX 635914
Cope Mark (21) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 500090
Cousins Walter (25) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 560490
Crease Reginald Arthur (18) Ordinary Telegraphist (Lanka) C/JX 572048
Creaser Edward (20) Telegraphist (Lanka) P/JX 357194
Crowther Charles Edward (22) Engine Room Artificer 5th Class (Lanka)
D/MX 509466
Davies Robert Henry (42) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 161459
Davy George William (19) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) C/MX 112357
Deane Frank William (38) Engine Room Mechanic 4th Class (Lanka)
P/MX 99001
Devlin Hugh (22) Stoker 1st Class (Tana) P/KX 106598
Diamond Bryan Leslie (21) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 135429
Dill David (31) Chief Motor Mechanic 4th Class (Lanka) P/MX 96678
Dolan Joseph (37) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) D/MX 150403
Dolce Leslie (20) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) D/MX 100617
Donlon Patrick Michael (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 566249
Dudley John Dennis (31) Assistant Cook (O) (Lanka) D/MX 533786
Edmonds Edwin George (21) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka)
P/MX 124438
Edwards William Rory (21) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) D/MX 100690
Entwhistle Derek (20) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) D/MX 100691
Ewing Peter Stirling (19) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 560168
Farrell John Joseph (32) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 560427
Fluin Bernard Frederick (20) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 161094
French Norman William (27) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka)
P/MX 502259
Gaffney Peter (19) Assistant Steward (Lanka) C/LX 604427
Galley William (41) Petty Officer Cook/T124T RNVR/238904 (Lanka)
Gifford George (19) Ordinary Telegraphist (Assegai) D/JX 405720
Gilby Daniel Barrett (48) Chief Petty Officer (Lanka) D/J 18858
Godfrey William Alexander (29) Shipwright 4th Class (Lanka) C/MX 620621
Goodway Stanley Robert (19) Ordinary Signalman (Lanka) D/JX 424270
Gouge William George (31) Supply Assistant (Lanka) D/MX 614821
Graham Charles (21) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 560170
Gumbrell Dennis George (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527880
Hammerton Arthur (19) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) C/MX 111950
Hanshaw Ronald James (19) Able Seaman (DEMS) (Lanka) C/JX 396607
Harding John Spencer (18) Wales, Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 622591
Harris William (27) Able Seaman (Pembroke) C/JX 255311
Harrison Cecil Henry (21) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 137877
Harrison James Francis (20) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 528032
Hartley Alan Hargreaves (19) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) C/MX 112060
Harvey Benjamin Frederick (19) Wales, Ordinary Telegraphist (Lanka)
D/JX 405170
Hassan James William Simpson (19) Scotland, Motor Mechanic (Lanka)
C/MX 621199
Henbest Roy (18) Ordinary Telegraphist (Lanka) P/JX 453801
Henry Joseph Johnson (27) Engine Room Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 507222
Hilliar Gilbert Henry (20) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) D/MX 100694
Hillman Ronald Walter (21) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 620510
Hogg Duncan McKechnie (25) Scotland, Able Seaman (Newcastle) D/SSX 29792
Holloway Joseph (25) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 500966
Horton Arthur William (34) Petty Officer (Pembroke) C/J 111627
Housley Derek Charles (19) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) C/MX 112056
How Henry George (43) Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) C/MX 703481
Howlett George Douglas (33) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 596088
Hubbard William Roger (19) Ordinary Telegraphist (Lanka) D/JX 405109
Hudson Kenneth (19) Ordinary Telegraphist (Lanka) D/JX 405110
Humphreys George Henry (27) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 528054
Hunter Geoffrey (19) Ordinary Telegraphist (Lanka) D/JX 405579
Jefferies Henry Charles William (19) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 649134
Jones Alan (22) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 105431
Jones Albert (18) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 534700
Jones Richard (20) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 520970
Kelly Dermot Paul (22) Irish Republic, Able Seaman (Lanka) D/SSX 33432
Kenyon James Valentine (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527895
Kingston Ronald Alexander (19) Telegraphist (Lanka) P/JX 370565
Kirkham Kenneth (20) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 621201
Laming Jack Philip (19) Assistant Cook (S) (Lanka) C/MX 576645
Laytham Richard (26) Leading Seaman (DEMS) (Lanka) P/JX 226142
Le Gassick Fred (21) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 510974
Lea Stanley Bertin (36) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 622431
Leader Frederick Herbert William (26) Petty Officer Sick Berth (Lanka)
C/A 8014
Lloyd Leonard (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 553486
Lucas Arthur Walter (36) Photographer (A) (Lanka) FAA/JX 223754
Macey Edward George (27) Wales, Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 145460
Matthews Trevor Jonathan (19) Wales, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 554126
McEwen Llewellyn (21) Scotland, Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 117707
McGillivray Thomas Dick (19) Cook (O) (Lanka) C/MX 110326
McKenzie James Paterson (18) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527782
Middlebrooke Peter Charles (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) P/KX 634623
Mills Kenneth (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527908
Milne James (17) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527788
Moore James William Andrew (22) Stoker 1st Class RNPS (Tana) LT/JX 130992
Morley Andrew Montague David (19) Ordinary Coder (Assegai) D/JX 609091
Moss Eric Henry (20) Stoker 1st Class (Drake) D/KX 161688
Moulding Arthur Samuel (20) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 135303
Muir Daniel (24) Cook/T124X (Royal Scotsman) RNVR/154161
Muir Thomas Guinea (19) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 512661
Murdock Edward (35) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 161692
Newman Christopher Thomas (19) Leading Motor Mechanic (Lanka)
C/MX 621206
Newnham Eric George (23) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 511086
Newns Frederick (23) Engine Room Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 506669
Nichols Stanley (21) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 621474
Noble Leslie (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527919
Oates Kenneth (21) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) P/MX 94451
Oldham Albert (19) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 511087
Pearce Percy Edward (37) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) P/KX 134165
Pengilly Sidney William (21) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 621207
Pinckard Gilbert Charles (18) Assistant Steward (Lanka) C/LX 577350
Platt Gordon David (18) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 622987
Pratt William James (19) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 528046
Pullin Geoffrey William Leah (19) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) P/MX 111806
Punch Maurice Cecil (18) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 622600
Quinn John Edward (19) Able Seaman (DEMS) (Lanka) D/JX 346072
Rate Leslie Ewart (22) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 124436
Redman Frederick (40) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 145124
Reed Adam Turnbull (24) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) P/MX 111820
Richards William Charles (39) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527671
Richardson John (23) Leading Seaman (Pembroke) C/SSX 24291
Rigby Thomas Henry (34) Able Seaman (DEMS) (Lanka) P/JX 249931
Roden Thomas Samuel (31) Leading Stoker (Lanka) C/KX 93932
Rooke George William Henry (23) Able Seaman (Dolphin) D/JX 150493
Ross Edward Ewen (18) Scotland, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527796
Ruby Fergus John (29) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 562920
Scott Arthur (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527804
Sexton Sydney Otty (36) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 507932
Shaw Donald (29) Able Seaman (Lanka) P/JX 209886
Skelly Thomas Joseph (20) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 161288
Smith Douglas (25) Able Seaman (Lanka) P/JX 167352
Smith Jack (26) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) P/KX 94559
Southgate Albert (47) Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) C/MX 26046
Spencer Michael Harold (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Assegai) D/KX 562917
Stobbs Leslie (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 553631
Stoneham Richard James (27) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka)
P/MX 501066
Stroud Albert William (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 528082
Stuart Frederick (31) Sick Berth Attendant (Lanka) D/MX 90614
Thomas Noel (19) Assistant Steward (Lanka) C/LX 31232
Thompson Norman Druid (21) Motor Mechanic (Assegai) D/MX 311089
Thompson Robert Eric (27) Petty Officer (Assegai) D/JX 152250
Thorne Kenneth George James (23) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527945
Thornsby Philip Anthony (18) Supply Assistant (Lanka) P/MX 614517
Todd Albert Talbot (24) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 93315
Townsend John Thomas George (20) Leading Seaman (Lanka) C/JX 351062
Tunney Norman (37) Cook (S) (Lanka) P/MX 121065
Turner Alfonso Percy James (44) Petty Officer (Assegai) D/J 108036
Tyrer George Anthony Marshall (19) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 511094
Uff William Henry (18) Ordinary Coder (Lanka) P/JX 573922
Vaughan David Richard (19) Wales, Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527951
Wall Arthur (29) Petty Officer Stoker (Lanka) C/KX 83396
Waller Percy Frank (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527955
Walsh William John (26) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527692
Watson David Thomas Taylor (36) Scotland, Petty Officer (Lanka, ex-Pembroke) C/SSX 12916
Weightman Arthur (18) Motor Mechanic (Assegai) D/MX 511090
Weston Charles Edgar (21) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 141060
Wheatley George (20) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) C/MX 622440
White David (29) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class (Lanka) P/MX 126001
White William Thomas James (23) Signalman, RNPS (Sorsra) LT/SSX 26487
Whitehall Sidney (27) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527564
Whitehead Joseph (21) Able Seaman (Frobisher) D/JX 303556
Whittle Arthur (20) Stoker 1st Class (Lanka) D/KX 161299
Wilkes Henry (23) Stoker 1st Class (Assegai) D/KX 117043
Williams Noah (19) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 511028
Winter Oliver James John (40) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527961
Wood George Frederick (21) Motor Mechanic (Lanka) D/MX 510804
Woods John (29) Stoker RNR (PS) (Tana) LT/X 105305
Woodward Alfred Charles (18) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527823
Yeo William James (39) Stoker 2nd Class (Lanka) D/KX 527702
Yeuell Claude Thomas (30) Supply Assistant (Lanka) P/MX 578335

Royal Navy (on loan from HMS Hawkins)

Dempster Alan Keith Jackman (22) Leading Signalman P/SSX 27646
Soskaug Leslie Avon (c. 25) South Africa, Signalman (SANF) 74773 V

Royal Australian Navy (RNR)

Daunt Terence (23) Able Seaman S 4322
Sidey John (21) Able Seaman S 4994
Thornton Rex (22) Able Seaman S 5197
Williams Douglas Joseph (25) Leading Seaman 22033

Royal Marines

Newman George Harry (17) Boy Bugler (Lanka) CH/X 3867
Perry Joseph (19) Marine (Lanka) PLY/X 106094

Women's Royal Naval Service

Barden Jeanette Lilian (25) 3rd Officer (Tana)
Batten Hazel Mary (23) Wren (Assegai) N/68311
Breakall Mary Elizabeth (22) Wren (Assegai) M/39735
Carlyle Agnes Kyle (33) Wren (Assegai) 40911
Dalton Winifred Beach (21) Leading Wren (Assegai) 42535
Dean Cicely Coppard (31) 3rd Officer (Tana)
Fletcher Gladys (26) Leading Wren (Tana) D/9426
Hunter Ethel Margaret (19) Wren (Assegai) 43624
Nickson Aileen Audrey Buchanan (19) Wren (Tana) N/38215
Nye Beatrice Marjorie (20) Wren (Tana) N/46151
Robinson Marion Carson (32) 3rd Officer (Tana)
Smail Heather Mowbray (20) Leading Wren (Assegai) R/43136
Stafford Audrey Hilda (19) Wren (Assegai) 60199
Todd Margaret Ponton (29) Wren (Assegai) N/51125
Valentine Helen Morag Jean Leading Wren (Tana) P/21962
White Betty Ramsay (23) Wren (Tana) R/36211
Wyllie Pamela Irene (21) Leading Wren (Assegai) N/47044

 Maritime Royal Artillery Gunners (DEMS)

Clayden Sidney George (25) Lance Sergeant 2 Maritime Regiment/5830180
Dowsett Kenneth (23) Gunner 2 Maritime Regiment/1476760
Shimmin William David (30) Isle of Man, Gunner 4 Maritime Regiment/3864572
Sparrow Arnold William (31) Gunner 5 Maritime Regiment/5119681

Royal Artillery attached to 301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Allen Aubrey (24) Sergeant 962646
Allen William (30) Gunner 14358464
Apted Leslie (33) Lance Bombardier 1089341
Archer Stanley William (26) Lance Sergeant 957433
Ashforth Levi Albert (24) Sergeant 1606690
Ayscough Raymond Arthur (21) Gunner 14390789
Bamforth Geoffrey Frederick (20) Gunner 14329931
Barclay Henry (25) Scotland, Gunner 3196373
Barden Cecil James (30) Sergeant 6397328
Barratt Percy Desmond William (24) Gunner 14285139
Bartle Frank (20) Gunner 14369465
Bellinger Edward George (33) BQMS 904532
Boaz Harold (29) WO I (RSM) 794758
Boldison George (34) Sergeant 806940
Booton Norman (24) Lance Sergeant 965838
Boyd Joseph Markey (33) Scotland, Bombardier 1093839
Boyes Alfred (31) Lance Bombardier 1079794
Braithwaite Robert Frederick (25) Bombardier 6141635
Breen Patrick Joseph (31) Sergeant 836524
Bridger Alec Ernest (32) Sergeant 1077223
Bromley Fred Henry (25) Gunner 14259449
Brown Donald Olley (24) Sergeant 833319
Brown Harry (34) Gunner 14379678
Buckles Henry (34) Lance Bombardier 14310937
Bullock Cyril (29) Gunner 14355185
Carpenter Sidney Frank George (28) Sergeant 823048
Carr William George (21) Gunner 14271609
Casey James (33) Gunner 1785972
Cave Terence Charles (24) Sergeant 1550698
Chamberlain James (25) Lance Bombardier 940857
Chappell Ernest William (22) Gunner 14271774
Clark Edward Moody (25) Lance Sergeant 950010
Cleary John (30) Sergeant 819314
Collingwood John Frederick (36) Gunner 14309607
Connaughton Joseph Maurice Francis (25) Captain 117507
Copsey George (31) Lance Bombardier 14283946
Cowie Robert (24) Lance Sergeant 891083
Crawshaw Arthur (24) Lance Sergeant 897158
Croydon Peter Charles (25) Captain 165480
Crump Cyril (19) Gunner 14552781
Cutler John Edward Hamilton (22) Gunner 2082094
Daniels Eric George (31) Sergeant 807260
Dare William Henry (36) Sergeant 1072138
Dearing Ernest (24) Gunner 325021
Deavin Gerald (23) Captain 207361
Dickinson Harold (37) Gunner 14551001
Donoghue Charles (37) Gunner 14551003
Dunster Sydney (27) Bombardier 7894344
Earey Raymond John (20) Gunner 14310611
Elliott Eric Allen (19) Gunner 14302697
England Samuel Francis (24) Bombardier 848885
Faircloth Edward John (37) Gunner 14546913
Feeney Martin (26) Sergeant 860764
Fisher Jack (35) Gunner 14513021
Forsyth John (24) Lance Sergeant 922019
Friend Leslie John (32) Bombardier 1156237
Frost Leslie John (29) Sergeant 831643
Geary Adam (33) Scotland, Lance Sergeant 854155
Gibbard Edwin George (33) Bombardier 1152668
Goddard Thomas (25) Gunner 1500107
Grantham George Alexander (39) Bombardier 1061001
Green Walter William (35) Gunner 1152876
Griffiths William Stanley (25) Sergeant 872260
Hardy Frank Arthur (31) Lance Sergeant 820409
Harker John (29) Lieutenant 153539
Hatton Frank Edward (29) Sergeant 791738
Haynes Herbert Leslie (19) Gunner 14315813
Head Henry Graham (25) Major 100918
Hewitt Kenneth Percy (28) Sergeant 885991
Hird Eric (21) Bombardier 1141250
Hislop John Bain (27) Sergeant 951073
Hoad Edward Arthur (39) Bombardier 1122569
Holden Archibald James (25) Lance Sergeant 1131209
Hoptrough Basil John (19) Gunner 14331358
Humphries William Gerald (20) Gunner 14342040
Hutchings Frank (36) WO II (BSM) 1072496
Jenvey Frederick Arthur (25) Sergeant 899290
Jones George (20) Gunner 14267757
Jones James (30) Bombardier 930933
Keet James (20) Gunner 14305525
Lacey William (37) Bombardier 1118345
Lambert Cyril Trevor (19) Gunner 14337820
Lasham Ronald (28) Bombardier 981755
Leahy William Henry (31) Gunner 14512344
Leddington Leslie Arthur (23) Sergeant 1086716
Lennie Thomas (20) Scotland, Gunner 14503926
Lenton Ralph Percy (25) Southern Rhodesia, Captain 214748
Lewis Edward (23) Wales, Sergeant 983657
Longstaff Leslie Charles (23) Gunner 14267536
Lucas Anthony Joseph (23) Bombardier 865790
Lunn Albert (25) Gunner 959192
Macarthur Alexander (20) Scotland, Gunner 14297116
McGregor William (30) Lance Bombardier 819143
McKenzie Kenneth Crowe (24) Scotland, Captain 100373
McLaren Frank William (26) Lance Sergeant 852137
McNab Andrew (24) Scotland, Sergeant 870507
Manning Albert Henry (25) Bombardier 940081
Manton Robert George (20) Bombardier 872839
Martinelli Clement Arthur (26) Sergeant 966600
Mason Aubrey Charles (36) Gunner 14545305
May Cyril Hubert (33) Gunner 1112914
Milward Jack (24) BQMS 892637
Mitchell Peter Horn (24) Scotland, Sergeant 917198
Moore Edgar Cyril (33) Bombardier 1142928
Moore Thomas Charles (40) BQMS 724920
Moores John Henry (33) Bombardier 779786
Murkett Alfred George (35) Sergeant 769745
Natham Trevor Anthony (24) Lieutenant 174821
Nile Harry Archer (21) Gunner 14274738
Norris Edward William (25) Bombardier 947754
North William Ernest (23) Gunner 6353927
Owen Thomas John (25) WO II (BSM) 853978
Pettigrew Herbert (30) Sergeant 875663
Preston Philip Stansfield (24) Captain 187185
Regan George Richard (31) Sergeant 811704
Reynolds Jonathan Charles (30) Gunner 14546956
Riddett John Ernest (20) Bombardier 1135975
RobinsonStanley Edwin (20) Gunner 14299482
Rowberry Henry John (29) Wales, Lance Bombardier 1155047
Russell Timothy Main (36) Scotland, Gunner 1749371
Sanders Ivor Ernest (21) Bombardier 876275
Savill George Thomas (30) Gunner 1757480
Sewell Albert James (20) Lance Bombardier 1156249
Sharpley Roger (37) Major 92224
Shaw Alfred (27) Sergeant 913105
Shilofsky Hyman (37) Gunner 5193006
Simkins Harry (27) Gunner 14506157
Smith Harry (35) WO II (BSM) 1072024
Starkey Edmund James (28) Sergeant 977026
Titcomb Frank (20) Gunner 14277372
Waite Joseph Nixon (21) Gunner 14320219
Wallace Robert William (31) WO II (BSM) 820577
Walmsley James (36) WO II (RQMS) 400459
Walter Jack (35) Lance Bombardier 1145600
Warren John Arthur (20) Gunner 6354177
Warwick William (23) Sergeant 924774
Watson Edward (19) Gunner 14323477
Weaver Wallace (20) Gunner 14267777
Weekes Sidney Edward (34) Gunner 1746537
Weller Harold (28) Gunner 1764932
White Arthur Vernon (27) Gunner 918707
Wood Frank William (25) Gunner 2160737

56th Field Battery attached to 301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Downie Robert Gordon (26) Southern Rhodesia, WO I (RSM) X 45

Army – General List. Infantry (African Colonial Forces Section)

Aggett Hudson Boyce (29) Major 322300

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)

Boswall Sidney Walter (25) Corporal 5439708
Colley Charles Stanley (36) Corporal 3306422
Dunwoody Alexander Charles (c. 30) Lieutenant 291290
Edwards Patrick Basil (20) Corporal 7589727
Fielding James Andrew (32) Isle of Man, Sergeant 198532
Futcher Herbert Victor (43) Corporal 10565425
Hamilton Robert Middleton (26) Scotland, Corporal 10564370
Lewis Richard Desmond (24) Corporal 161091
Matthews Robert (31) Staff Sergeant 199752
Ross Roderick (29) Scotland, WO II (Armament QMS) 7598317
Smith William Norman (36) Corporal 904919
Taplay Sidney Gilbert (38) Corporal 6851859

Kenya Regiment attached to 301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Percival Peter Blayney (20) Kenya, Lance Sergeant LF 3105
White George Harvey (c. 20) Kenya, Sergeant LF 3058

Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (East Africa)

Fittal Lancelot Albert Wilfred (24) Kenya, Sergeant B 407

Army Catering Corps

De Courcy Harold (32) Sergeant 6397177

Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)

Farrimond Leslie (24) Private 7382261
Florentine Lawrence Herbert William (30) Private 7383558
Odell Samuel Arthur (41) Private 7399361
Pelling George Frederick (25) Sergeant 7359262
Rotherham Ewan Boileau (37) Major 119626
Toghill Herbert Charles (34) Private 73989

Royal Corps of Signals
attached to 11th (East Africa) Divisional Signals

Connelly Michael (28) Corporal 2342436
Emery Francis Patrick (22) Corporal 2325293
Hamerton William Frederick MID (29) Sergeant 2323019
Harrison Philip (25) Corporal 2336473
Nichol James Carse (28) Lance Corporal 2571231
Norman Harold (23) Corporal 5885336
Spence Kenneth Hugh Yorke (26) Corporal 2336233
Wood Francis Edward (22) Corporal 2587595

Women's Territorial Service (East Africa) ex-FANY

Austin Barbara Mary (24) South Africa, Sergeant K/541
Calisher Anne (c. 30) South Africa, Corporal K/570
Camerer Constance Hildegard (c. 30) South Africa, Sergeant K/180
Hook Sonia (27) Kenya, Sergeant K/113
Kentish Barbara MID (30) United Kingdom, Sergeant K/200
Le Poer Trench Patricia (21) Kenya, Sergeant K/188
Moojen Florence Fairburn (36) United Kingdom, Sergeant K/253
Thomson Beatrice Dunbar (21) Tanganyika, Sergeant K/233

East African & Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Services

Airey Freda (23) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 260226
Arnott Constance Lillian (43) Nursing Sister EAMNS
Atkin Joyce Kathleen (28) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 270574
Barwell Gladys May (31) Nursing Sister EAMNS/EDCC 360
Bateman Edith Mary (41) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 257776
Beecher Grace (49) Nursing Sister EAMNS/EDCC 359
Brown Amy (23) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274633
Burrows Isabella (25) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266663
Cashmore Patricia (38) Nursing Sister EAMNS EDCC 371
Clark-Wilson Jean Margaret (31) Nursing Sister EAMNS EDCC 362
Dalgarno Elsie Alice (40) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 208105
Dann Elizabeth Doritha (25) SRN SCM Nursing Sister QAIMNS 250095
Davies Margaret Eluned (33) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 238669
Dervan Gertrude (26) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266750
Dewar Alice Whitehead (28) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 270637
Dowling Beatrice Olivia (24) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266662
Dryden Clara Martha (39) Nursing Sister EAMNS
Farrelly Mary (25) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274735
Fitzgerald Catherine Mary (30) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274636
Harvey Grace Wesslink (47) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274658
Hastings Valerie Francis (?) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 263805
Humphrey Muriel Christine (24) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274079
Ievers Eileen Mary Elise (?) Matron QAIMNS 206235
Jarman Marie (25) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274755
Johnston Maud Fredaline (30) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274737
Kells Maggie Jane (32) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274727
Kells Winifred Evelyn (23) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274733
Leckey Muriel Emily (32) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 208615
Leech Barbara Elisabeth (27) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266730
Littleton Mary Joyce Wheyrigg (26) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 236448
Maclaren Jean Noel (29) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 238130
McMillan Marion Lennox (28) SRFN SRN Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266937
Moore Isabella (?) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 215107
Morgan Sarah (?) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274164
Nuttall Phyllis (?) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274639
Pirie Barbara (?) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274846
Richardson Sybil Gwendoline (29) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 206418
Robertson Helen Murray (21) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274402
Senior Doris Ena (27) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 260544
Smith Marjorie (?) Senior Nursing Sister QAIMNS 260546
Spence Isobel (?) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274753
Taylor Katherine Mary Monica (33) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266464
Thomas Jane Mair George (23) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 270493
Urquhart Mary Annie Ross (31) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274611
Walker Kathleen Hewison (24) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266754
Warwick Roberta Alice (40) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 266463
Whitaker Mafalda Seline (27) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274344
White Gwendoline May (27) SRN Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274074
Willis Annie Amelia (33) New Zealand, Nursing Sister QAIMNS 209648
Wolseley-Lewis Ann (30) Nursing Sister EAMNS EDCC 363
Young Eleanor Jane (27) Nursing Sister QAIMNS 274629


Mrs Merrill Beryl Elsie (24),
Master Merrill Anthony David (5 months)
Mr Gandar-Dower Kenneth Cecil (35) (War Correspondent)

Merchant Navy

(NP: Discharge Book 'Not Produced')
Surname/First Name (Names)/Awards/Age/Birthplace/Title (Rank)/DB No. (Re: Birthplace; if unstated, it can be presumed to be England)

Whiteman Roderick William Macaulay DSC (49) Scotland, Master 680798
Lowe Leonard Arnold (23) Third Officer R 239191
Allan William (58) Chief Engineer Officer 427622
Simons Frederick (43) Second Engineer Officer NP
Docherty James (30) Scotland, Third Engineer Officer R 162758
Paterson Thomas Coulter (25) Scotland, Fourth Engineer Officer R 204781
Hall John Corbett (29) Northern Ireland, Junior Engineer Officer R 233559
Jordan Horace Terence (30) India, Junior Engineer Officer NP
Kidd Charles (27) Scotland, Junior Engineer Officer R 198974
Patrick Sydney Cubitt Matthew (43) Scotland, First Radio Officer 939832
Anderson Albert Raymond (27) Chief Steward R 121206
Mitchell Arthur (33) Purser R 218869

Medical Staff

Adye-Curran Dr Francis George (30) Irish Republic, Surgeon NP
Rotherham Dr*
(*not included in head count because subsequent research has only revealed one person with that surname, that of 37 year old Major Ewan Boileau Rotherham, No. 119626, Royal Army Medical Corps. Son of Frank Herbert and Hazel Durie Rotherham. Husband of G. T. Rotherham of Camberley, Surrey. Major Rotherham's qualifications were: MB (Batchelor of Medicine), BS (Batchelor of Surgery), MRCS (Member of the Royal College of Surgeons), LRCP (Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London). He also had honours in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. It is the author's gut feeling that both are the same person and are, therefore, mentioned twice in the list of casualties).

Senior Crew

Monie George Percival C. (30) India, Assistant Purser NP
Townsend Stanley (26) Canteen Steward NP
Burley Albert Edwin (39) Storekeeper 1050777
Lewis Leslie Walter (29) Storekeeper R 150941

Chinese Crew

Sing Chow Ah (26) Fitter
Hong Ah (33) Assistant Carpenter
Jong Ah (35) Carpenter

Indian Crew: Engine Room Department

Abdul Karim Golam Ali (35) Noakhali Oilman/Greaser 0013901
Abdul Ali Mubarak Ali (c. 30) Chittagong Trimmer NP
Amir Husain Kassim Ali (22) Noakhali Trimmer B 29718
Arzumand Ali Arzu Mian (30) Sylhet Fireman A 34864
Faiz Ahmad Abdul (31) Noakhali Fireman A 36597
Farnuz Ali Amber Ali (21) Sylhet Trimmer 48138
Joynal Abadin Meenat Ali (46) Noakhali Serang (Donkeyman) 032400
Mozam Khan Mohamed Madari Khan (24) Dacca Trimmer B 30723
Munu Mian Abass Allec (52) Noakhali Oilman/Greaser 042417
Muzaffar Ali Kazimuddin (43) Noakhali Oilman/Greaser 065201
Nazir Ahmad Attore Ali (38) Noakhali Oilman/Greaser 091564
Sabed Ali Hamid Ali (35) Noakhali Trimmer A 24997
Safar Ali Sana Mian (35) Sylhet Fireman A 37749
Sayid Ali Abass Ali (40) Noakhali Oilman/Greaser 088610
Shams-Ul-Haq (c. 30) Fireman NP
Shamsur Ali Korban Ali (35) noakhali Trimmer A 23654
Sultan Ahmad Hakimuddin (32) Noakhali Fireman A 25491
Tufail Ahmad Abdul Hamid (33) Noakhali Oilman/Greaser A 27002
Tufail Ahmad Idris Mian (27) Noakhali Fireman A 40406
Wali Mian Hashmat Ali (51) Chittagong Fireman 81091

Indian Crew: Deck Department

Abdul Aziz Abdul Majid (34) Chittagong Lascar (Seaman) A 26140
Abdul Bari Moosa Gazi (53) Chittagong Deck Serang (Boatswain) 031899
Abdul Husain Hedaet Ali (23) Chittagong Lascar A 44251
Abdul Khair Tamiz Golal (39) Chittagong Lascar 072299
Abdul Nabi Asghan Ali (56) Chittagong First Tindal (Boatswain's Mate) 79900
Abdul Qadir Nazir Ali (32) Chittagong Kassab (Lamptrimmer) A 27736
Abdullah Jan Ali (c. 40) Chittagong Lascar NP
Ahmad Rahman Ali Meah (41) Chittagong Lascar 055349
Ali Ahmad (c. 40) Lascar NP
Ali Mian Hamad Ali (35) Chittagong Lascar A 24088
Alim Bakhsh Hakimulah (42) Chittagong Second Tindal 065238
Amir Ahmad Mohamed Nassim (26) Chittagong Lascar A 39592
Anu Mian Mahabat Ali (34) Chittagong Lascar A 27498
Faiz Ahmad Badsha Mian (47) Chittagong Lascar 035821
Firoz Ali Collimoody (43) Noakhali Kassab 052291
Habib-Ur-Rahman Towlad Ali (55) Murshidabad Winchman 038648
Khalil-Ur-Rahman Mohamed Muslim (31) Chittagong Lascar A 50551
Mubarak Ali Samad Ali (52) Noakhali Kassab 87480
Mubasar Ali Jamil Meah (43) Sylhet First Tindal 063947
Mufiz Ullah Sadar Ali (46) Chittagong Lascar 023941
Muhammad Mian Adu Meah (33) Chittagong Lascar A 23628
Muhammad Nawaz Awlad Husain (42) Murshidabad Lascar 068579
Mukdal Rahman Akmal (34) Chittagong Seacunny (Quartermaster) R 1282
Mukhtiar Husain Abdul Aziz (34) Murshidabad Lascar 0015242
Munir Ahmad Ghulam Rubbani (26) Chittagong Lascar A 42191
Nazir Ahmad Jabid Ali (47) Noakhali Lascar 067939
Nur Ahmad Ossy Meah (43) Chittagong Lascar 004011
Nur-Uz-Zaman Amsar Ali (46) Chittagong Lascar 048043
Qudrat Ali Saduck Ali (58) Chittagong Seacunny 36286
Sadiq Ahmad Abdul Majid (28) Chittagong Lascar 039107
Samir-Ud-Din Qarban Ali (48) Chittagong Lascar 056404
Sheikh Abdul Halim (21) Lascar NP
Siraj-Ul-Haq Fazlur Rahman (27) Noakhali Lascar A 42713
Thanda Mian Ashraf Ali (43) Chittagong Lascar 066515
Tobarak Shiekh Sadfar Shiekh (61) Murshidabad Lascar 046494
Wilayat Ali Gulam Husain (c. 40) Chittagong Lascar NP
Yaqub Ali Ameer Ali (47) Chittagong Lascar 046446
Yunis Mian Abdul Rouf Mian (26) Noakhali Lascar A 44109

Indian Crew: Saloon Department

 Alfonso Abel Manoel (29) Goa General Servant (Steward) 23369
Antao Antony (27) Goa General Servant 28372
Azavedo Joao Camil (49) Goa General Servant 91904
Baboo Kashi (23) Allahabad Topass (Saloon Boy) A 41609
Baretts Jose Salvadore (33) Goa Troop Butcher 26531
Bhagwan Lutchman (52) Allahabad Topass 68817
Britto Alfonso (23) Mangalore Chief Engineer's Boy 29134
Chhote Lal Madhob (35) Allahabad Topass
A 22401
Correa Pascoal (47) Goa General Servant 3/4095
Crasto Louis (28) Goa General Servant 23214
de Costa Antario Marina (43) Goa General Servant 3/8508
de Costa Victorino (45) Goa Topass 3/930
de Sa Cruz Francis Piedade (36) Goa Canteen Storekeeper's Mate 15857
de Souza Bernard (27) Mangalore Pantrymate 26389
de Souza Casmir (24) Mangalore Vegetable Cook's Mate 36665
de Souza Francis (53) Goa Topass 05748
de Souza Gabriel (36) Goa General Servant 13810
de Souza Jerome (30) Mangalore General Servant 24029
de Souza John (26) Mangalore General Servant 26395
de Souza John (44) Goa Captain's Boy 3/3288
de Souza Ladros (23) Mangalore Baker's Mate 29272
de Souza Pascoal (53) Goa Butcher 2/3017
de Souza Sanon (22) Mangalore Assistant Baker 30201
Dias Domingo Marovigli (43) Goa Second Class Pantryman 415
Dias Joaquim Manoel (52) Goa Troop Assistant Butcher 09403
Dias Salvadore (41) Goa Topass 16227
Fernandes Bernardo (23) Goa General Servant 21734
Fernandes Castadio (39) Goa Iceman 13054
Fernandes Douglas Roque (23) Bombay Troop Assistant Baker 27476
Fernandes Fulgacio Ignacio (35) Goa General Servant 20298
Fernandes Joaquim Philip (38) Goa General Servant 7360
Fernandes Louis (38) Goa Second Cook 4/1091
Fernandes Manuel (24) Goa General Servant 27641
Fernandes Minguel (35) Goa First Class Pantryman 3/3060
Fernandes Roque Francis (51) Goa General Servant 97565
Fernandes Sebastiaô (49) Goa Troop Chief Cook 3/3967
Ferrao Antonio Santano (43) Goa General Servant 4/715
Furtado Jose Sebastio (46) Goa Assistant Vegetable Cook 17887
Furtado Pedro Minguel (44) Goa Topass 2213
Furtado Simon (27) Goa Pantrymate 34265
Gama Baptisto (51) Goa Assistant Vegetable Cook 2/8728
Gama Ramad (35) Goa Troop Second Cook 6082
Gomes A. J. I. (63) Goa Baker 62707
Gomes Domingo Francis (41) Goa General Servant 4925
Gomes Mariano (48) Goa General Servant 2/3569
Gonsalves Salvadore (44) Mangalore Assistant Vegetable Cook 25725
Kalakatti Ghurhu (29) Barabanki Topass A 45725
Laslado Ladru (42) Mangalore Scullion (Kitchen Assistant)18905
Lobo Antonio (37) Mangalore Storekeeper's Mate 17264
Mariel Gonsalinha (55) Goa Topass 81352
Marquis Floriano (26) Goa General Servant 27464
Martins Augostino (58) Goa General Servant 81831
Mathias Vincent (21) Mangalore Butcher's Mate 33906
Menezies Thomas (26) Mangalore General Servant 25719
Miranda Joseph Pascal (46) Mangalore Chief Cook 14275
Monterio Antonio Jose (36) Goa Troop Storekeeper 14167
Monteiro John (43) Mangalore Iceman 12045
Munir Ahmad Wazuddin (42) Noakhali Iceman 067858
Oliviera Raphael (48) Goa General Servant 96756
Pereira Alexio Piedade (42) Bombay Troop Assistant Baker 2343
Pereira Felix (29) Goa General Servant 28472
Pereira Valentine (27) Goa General Servant 25365
Pinto Antonio (44) Goa Butler 3/6977
Pinto Lawrence (33) Mangalore Troop Second Cook 25680
Pinto Pascoal (25) Mangalore General Servant 26382
Pinto Robert (24) Mangalore General Servant 26203
Pires Caetan (31) Goa Troop Butcher's Mate 39876
Rocha Anthonyo (21) Goa Topass 28705
Rodrigues Pelegrino (28) Goa General Servant 22721
Rodrigues Remedio (29) Goa Troop Assistant Vegetable Cook 38012
Rodrigues Sebastio Manuel (33) Goa Second Cook 20493
Sahkur Hasnoo (c. 30) Allahabad Fireman's Bhandary (Cook) NP
Sanchis Louis (25) Mangalore Troop Baker's Mate 31484
Sheikh Badshah Abdul Jolil (20) Chittagong Bhandary's (Crew Cook's) Mate
A 53508
Tawro Ellias (38) Mangalore General Servant 25628
Vaz Caeton Francis (48) Goa General Servant 08532
Viegas Presentaceo Castanlio (33) Goa Storekeeper 18322


11th (East Africa) Infantry Division
301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Name Rank Number

Abdaliah Selemani Gunner DT/7606
Abdula Muhamudu Gunner N/30076
Abdulrahamani Mohamed Gunner DT/6728
Abkar Alam Bastay Gunner L/50427
Abol Opondo Gunner N/6893
Abudoni Owero Lance Bombardier N/6326
Adiriyani Ngobi Gunner L/50722
Adrianosekaki Gunner DT/7630
Adulai Anyuli Gunner N/6407
Adulufukanyike Gunner 22463
Agonya Menya Gunner L/58082
Ahmed Abakar Bombardier L/50442
Ahmed Adam Mohamed Gunner L/50428
Ahmed Ibrahim Harun Gunner L/50441
Ahmed Othman Gunner L/50435
Ahmed Yourah Mohamed Gunner L/50438
Akal Morongo Gunner 46629
Akombe Ogema Lance Bombardier DT/7534
Albert Mpangala Gunner DT/7718
Alfani Ndagile WO II (BSM) 3736
Alfred Kaondo Gunner DT/7138
Ali Abdalla Gunner L/50389
Ali Athumani Gunner DT/8563
Ali Hamisi Bombardier 7813
Ali Mjomu Gunner 53982
Ali Mohamed Gunner N/22372
Alois Masinde Gunner DT/7126
Ambeba Ofuoko Gunner G/3435
Ambenji Kwemenza Gunner KML/20188
Ambeyi Lukano Gunner SER/23010
Amisi Kidende Lance Bombardier L/51155
Ammon Kakaga Gunner DT/6291
Ammos Nkonamango Lance Bombardier DT/7726
Amoka Ocen Gunner N/11745
Amonia Rothar Lance Bombardier N/10709
Anderea Kiwanuka Gunner 49908
Anderea Lukwago Gunner UML/57457
Aneselem Chandaruma Gunner DT/10704
Angotoko Auanya Gunner N/9736
Antonio Jalafoyo Gunner N/11523
Antonio Lwanga Lance Bombardier L/51182
Anton Kasper Gunner DT/7136
Anyegile Buja Lance Bombardier DT/7725
Archie Ngoyo Gunner DT/7398
Arnesti Kuta Bombardier N/6923
Asafu Namunungu Gunner L/51181
Asilia Chacha Gunner 43051
Asmani Sasya Gunner L/50245
Asoni Aguch Gunner N/9831
Asumani Karisha Gunner DT/7504
Asumani Kinbulu Gunner DT/10692
Asumani Pazi Gunner TML/180751
Atanasio Okello Gunner N/6277
Atosi Gwox Lance Bombardier l/51120
Azin Matayo Gunner L/51111
Bahala Kayegesi Gunner DT/10645
Balikira Ibrahim Gunner L/50433
Barasa Okwaro Gunner DT/7538
Baraza Mgondi Gunner 190075
Barnaba Issa Bombardier DT/7430
Barnaba Jowi Lance Bombardier DT/7537
Benedict Msafiri Gunner DT/10705
Benjamin Angiemda Lance Bombardier UT/104
Benyamin Opoke Gunner L/51091
Bido Chilu Gunner DT/10577
Bitentio Odong Gunner L/51769
Boniface Cassian Gunner DT/7403
Bundala Kikonoka Gunner DT/10779
Bundala Ngasa Gunner DT/10744
Bushiri Mohamed Gunner DT/10760
Chacha Marwa Gunner DT/7646
Chacha Mwita Gunner DT/10223
Chacha Saye Gunner DT/10652
Chacha Waruyuba Gunner N/6914
Chakusia Gitagama Gunner TML/191217
Chata Maganga Lance Bombardier DT/10601
Chege Mungai Gunner N/41414
Chepkiyeng Kibtono Gunner N/9854
Chibwana Lutawe Gunner DT/10707
Chigulu Pembe Seoganile Gunner TML/192390
Cirisomusempa Gunner 34527
Cornall Alfons Gunner Dt/8200
Cuthbert Maware Bombardier DT/7079
Cyprian Karoli Gunner DT/10573
Daata Busi Gunner TML/96899
Damson Mlela Gunner DT/7509
Daniel Odoro Ganga Gunner KML/11520
Dani Lutangira Gunner N/16535
Dankani Njuguna Kalogo Gunner L/58438
David Mwamanyeta Gunner TML/182695
Dominico Sylvester Gunner DT/7174
Dominiko Muswa Gunner L/51132
Dominisiani Kabakama Gunner DT/8507
Edward Bokoko Sergeant DT/7724
Edwardi Ajumi Gunner N/9818
Ego Kabarok Gunner N/11135
Eilsante Yeremia Gunner DT/7115
Elifraha Nhando Gunner DT/7118
Elukira Timeri Gunner 24373
Enecheto Angoma Gunner UML/59815
Enerikokamya Gunner 34526
Enriko Moro Gunner L/51114
Erasto Mwangi Yathiga Gunner L/58441
Erenayo Obong Gunner L/51186
Eria Kyobe Gunner 34533
Erinya Oyiko Gunner N/11533
Ernest Byalugaba Gunner DT/7169
Ernesti Salamba Gunner L/58484
Erukana Agwai Gunner L/51144
Ezekiel Daniel Gunner AC/3407
Fabian Laurent Gunner DT/7419
Felician Nyamija Gunner DT/7168
Festo Okong Gunner N/6336
Fidele Olevka Lance Bombardier L/51117
Filipo Chilanga Bombardier DT/7134
Francisko Bala Gunner L/51147
Frank Archi Gunner DT/9473
Fundi Rwayero Gunner KML/30039
Gabriel Aroko Okelo Gunner KML/22077
Gabriel Augustine Gunner DT/7636
Gabriel Saidi Bombardier DT/7433
Gabu Auvcha Gunner N/11470
Gabulyeri Musoke Gunner 34547
Gachiri Gitubi Gunner KML/26671
Gandera Kitinere Gunner DT/7526
Gatino Ngare Gunner 40200
Gatira Kamau Gunner M/4526
Gelemaniko Miyambi Gunner L/50401
George Katuta Lance Bombardier DT/7417
George Kingora Gunner L/52444
George Mukasa Lance Bombardier 34554
Gerifas Mwebi Aruta Gunner AA/23625
Gidioni Atege Gunner L/51101
Gikonyo Gitee Gunner L/58356
Gimahe Masubo Gunner DT/10715
Girisomu Magoma Lance Bombardier L/50704
Gitau Kabuli Bombardier 9876
Gitera Mungai Gunner L/58679
Githumbi Thimba Gunner 1524
Guncilingombe Nguvumali Gunner L/50243
Gwakululu Mwasoni Gunner TML/182955
Hamedi Kirua Gunner DT/8571
Hamasi Jileje Gunner DT/7412
Hamasi Kasell Gunner DT/10574
Hamasi Mwakitalu Gunner DT/6791
Hamasi Nangumile Gunner DT/7612
Hashim Mgoperiny Gunner L/50397
Hehedi Salehe Gunner 44111
Hemedi Mlajila Gunner DT/7423
Hinini Sikala Gunner KML/24521
Horry Sangolo Gunner 46655
Hussein Mwondoma Gunner DT/10496
Ibrahim Ajak Gunner L/50444
Ibrahim Edreis Defa Gunner L/50445
Idiki Boka Lance Bombardier 34537
Ikinyan Juguka Gunner L/52434
Isaga Mwita Gunner DT/10618
Isanda-Orondo Gunner N/6835
Israeli Kitenga Gunner L/53968
Issa Mohamed Gunner L/50395
Issa Ngembano Gunner DT/7431
Jakobo Andreas Gunner DT/8420
James Achaciment Arabinfoi Gunner DT/7600
James Nganga Gunner KML/20185
Jasoni Kibopile Gunner TML/182257
Jekonia Ondiek Odvru Gunner KML/18872
Jenani Ali Gunner L/51166
Jerenimus Kobe Jiel Gunner L/30430
Jetulio Lagwe Sergeant N/9836
Johana Sambuo Gunner 46591
John Kaspare Gunner DT/10751
Jokondino Odokonyang Gunner L/51095
Jonathan Ali Gunner DT/7396
Jonathan Odihiambo Gunner M/1895
Josephat Katea Gunner L/58737
Joseph Chewe Gunner DT/10335
Juliano Ipele Gunner N/9823
Julius Masame Gunner DT/7617
Juma Pamba Gunner DT/7625
Juma Saida Gunner L/50472
Juma Umari Gunner N/14856
Kabuzu Masegese Gunner DT/10580
Kahagur Francis Gunner L/52433
Kahoi Kabubo Gunner KML/20195
Kairori Wairumbi Gunner L/50053
Kalii Muoki Lance Bombardier N/6931
Kalyuki Gujiri Gunner L/58431
Kamau Njuguma Gunner L/58092
Kamawu Kaluw Gunner L/58430
Kamba Manyesha Gunner L/50424
Kamigwa Kathura Gunner KML/18186
Karani Riua Gunner KML/18183
Karanja Gunya Gunner N/6927
Karanja Kimothia Gunner NR/5637
Kara Thare Gunner DT/7519
Karega Magesa Lance Bombardier DT/10657
Karioki Luthue Gunner L/58530
Karioki Mshidi Gunner NR/5636
Karunde Kandubuka Bombardier DT/7553
Kasian Pius Lance Bombardier DT/10703
Kasim Jabiri Gunner DT/8566
Kasindye Sinohele Gunner DT/10585
Kaspari Kilache Gunner 46588
Kassim Musa Gunner TML/87802
Kathuka Ndajo WO I (RSM) KML/19036
Kaziyamatoni Mwanankani Gunner DT/6156
Kazwenge Mpako Gunner DT/10787
Keiyonga Rakaresi Gunner KML/18635
Keli Kilu Lance Bombardier 13095
Kesekya Ogwol Gunner L/51138
Keya Chigyta Gunner KML/17779
Khamis Kabou Gunner L/50431
Khasiala Shakara Gunner L/52439
Kiamba Nthei Gunner 46606
Kiangi Nzioka Gunner N/10086
Kibilat Gieborge Gunner N/11947
Kibindu Nzioka Gunner N/10190
Kibugebert Kiberen Gunner N/20054
Kibuti Njarguara Gunner KML/28777
Kigan Chogo Gunner L/30766
Kigidi Mugika Gunner 6427
Kiiyili Kiangi Gunner N/10209
Kilonzo Makau Lance Bombardier 6928
Kilote Itumo Bombardier N/10105
Kiluka Katama Gunner DT/10684
Kilutu Mumo Gunner N/7007
Kimanga Mutelu Gunner N/10703
Kimani Gaitho Gunner L/58345
Kimanzi Kilombe Gunner KML/2046
Kimau Kkwinga Gunner N/6903
Kimege Wambura Lance Bombardier DT/7490
Kimela Mgunga Gunner DT/7557
Kimeu Kusi Gunner M/10204
Kimingi Kheya Gunner L/58479
Kimisha Kanga Gunner DT/10696
Kinyunya Baruti Gunner DT/10610
Kipketar Boit Lance Bombardier 9660
Kipole Kisolo Gunner N/6882
Kiprono Arap Wabaso Lance Bombardier N/1929
Kireka Kabirure Gunner KML/9729
Kisenge Mugekenyi Gunner SEC/23011
Kishiwa Malilo Gunner DT/10694
Kisila Mutyeasa Gunner N/10074
Kitanyi Ngau Gunner N/4887
Kithome Mbobo Gunner N/19373
Kituto Mwambu Gunner KML/29922
Kiulamagelwa Gunner TML/96754
Kivo Matandiko Gunner TML/181269
Kolonelio Osowa Gunner N/11455
Kolongo Kawugila Gunner DT/10334
Komia Kapera Gunner DT/7515
Korobimyani Mparakule Sergeant DT/7428
Krispo Efraim Gunner 16678
Kubira Nganera Gunner L/58440
Kulwa Nkune Gunner DT/10785
Kuyonga Mwita Gunner DT/10439
Labanson Kibuika Gunner L/58088
Lazaro Joseph Lance Bombardier DT/7125
Lazaro Lucwinya Gunner L/51103
Ledekiah Juma Gunner N/22275
Leo Stanislaus Gunner DT/8191
Leslie Mhayaya Gunner DT/7634
Liandro Avuo Gunner L/51130
Ligi Ndotero Gunner DT/7127
Lombu Chuli Bombardier AC/23312
Lowat Ngoromai Gunner N/6926
Ludowiko Lutaya Gunner 34519
Lujuo Tundu Gunner L/50247
Lukaguvbmumu Ntamu Gunner 34509
Lukonge Ukama William Gunner DT/8505
Lumeleji Manaha Gunner L/50415
Lutebeba Apera Gunner L/51188
Maangi Kiluma Gunner 13031
Mabala Masele Gunner DT/10584
Mabere Gimore Gunner DT/7480
Mabula Magele Gunner DT/10775
Machari Gachanja Gunner KML/29456
Macharia Mutisia Gunner N/3039
Mafuru Mboga Gunner DT/10658
Maganga Kabugila Gunner DT/10611
Maganga Kandia Gunner TML/99546
Maganga Mayani Gunner DT/7627
Maganga Shija Gunner DT/10603
M'Aiko Dol Gunner KML/30009
Mainge Ndunda Bombardier KML/12428
Maingi Nthei Sergeant N/10089
Makala Tambi Gunner DT/10748
Makewa Kulu Gunner N/9675
Makotnga Waku Gunner N/6907
Makurumo Shija Gunner DT/10590
Malale Madinda Gunner DT/10587
Malilo Lugusha Gunner DT/10569
Malingumu Malato Gunner DT/7545
Malingumu Tibenda Lance Bombardier L/50218
Mangera Masaga Gunner DT/10754
Manjo Sakrani Gunner DT/7734
Manreti Nzee Gunner KML/11377
Marcelino Komaan Lance Bombardier L/51145
Mariatabu Ndekuonia Gunner TML/182144
Mariba Muniku Gunner DT/10625
Mariserino Zenald Lance Bombardier N/13807
Marua Makwao Gunner DT/10666
Marunde Chuga Gunner DT/10564
Marwa Isore Lance Bombardier DT/10718
Marwa Nyamatende Gunner DT/10731
Masalakulagwa Kunwa Gunner L/50195
Masano Kwande Gunner DT/10680
Masato Manyelele Gunner DT/7546
Masau Waryuba Gunner DT/10637
Masenga Masanja Gunner DT/7527
Mashet Shitsukane Gunner 33697
Masimwanda Ngula Gunner DT/10786
Masubo Nsungu Gunner DT/10623
Matai Hailoni Lance Bombardier DT/7729
Matata Kanyalu Gunner DT/10737
Matau Kinyungu Sergeant 2995
Matayo Abdallah Lance Bombardier DT/7421
Matayo Machibya Gunner DT/7511
Matayo Okidi Gunner N/6237
Matena Ngandakwi Gunner 43433
Mateyo Mahona Gunner L/50422
Matiansi Mukuralinda Gunner UML/57456
Matiku Mwita Gunner DT/10768
Matoke Nyamkuja Gunner DT/10206
Matongo Mkole Gunner DT/10789
Maugu Njagi Gunner KML/30342
Mawina Roweta Gunner L/53960
Mayunga Kapigawa Gunner DT/10609
Maziligwanda Mashnzu Gunner DT/10589
Mbasa Bwiso Gunner DT/10630
Mbigo Mtegeta Gunner DT/10398
Mbogo Mdaki Gunner DT/10576
Mboje Mabula Gunner L/50237
Mbono Nzau Gunner SER/9617
Mboyi Kimani Gunner SWR/3488
Mbugwa Wakiritu Gunner L/58077
Mburugo Dwalo Gunner L/57945
Mbuta Mulwa Gunner N/10088
Meineradi Mkiga Gunner DT/10649
Meli Mbanda Gunner DT/7501
Mgabu Gizaba Gunner DT/10650
Mganga Mgaluli Gunner TML/181024
Mgunya Saidi Gunner L/53989
Mhanga Siraja Gunner TML/96893
Michael Nyamba Lance Bombardier DT/7409
Mikeri Labou Bombardier N/423
Minaruruma Mwaluanda Gunner KML/17927
M'Itonga M'Mboga Gunner KML/19274
Mkondera Isiji Gunner TML/94322
Mkwabi Kapepele Gunner DT/10788
Mkwaya Tugara Gunner DT/10632
M'Naiture Naiture Gunner KML/30874
Mohamedi Juma Gunner DT/8567
Mohamed Kalela Gunner DT/10711
Mohamed Masudi Gunner DT/10579
Mohamed Musa Gunner L/50392
Mohia Murioki Gunner L/58069
Mosa Seweli Gunner DT/10578
Mpagama Ruswaga Gunner DT/10743
Mrisho Kihamba Gunner L/50182
Mrisho Kisesa Gunner DT/7505
Mrisho Mhaluka Gunner DT/7621
M'Rukunga Baimanene Gunner KML/30880
Msabila Mlundi Gunner DT/7503
Msafiri Mohamedi Gunner TML/181358
Mtambo Zahabu Gunner DT/6700
Mthangalwamususa Gunner L/50408
Mua Kilonzi WO II (BSM) N/1233
Mudembe Mugaduru Gunner KML/30048
Muema Ileli WO II (BSM) N/10106
Muinduko Maitha Gunner N/12015
Mukila Makau Gunner N/12054
Mukora Kabue Gunner 27829
Mule Ndambuki Gunner N/10191
Muli Kioko Sergeant L/50117
Muli Muatha Lance Bombardier N/6911
Mundui Kimaru Gunner L/57943
Mundu Nyakwara Gunner DT/10640
Mungahu Lukulu Gunner 38515
Mungai Chege Gunner L/52445
Mungai Githo Gunner L/58315
Munyaswa Mbatha Gunner N/10207
Murago Ihuku Gunner L/58966
Murambo Musembo Gunner N/9688
Muromi Kitonga Gunner DT/10720
Murongo Odeny Gunner DT/10763
Musa Lupongo Gunner DT/7624
Musa Mutesmi Gunner 26089
Musioka Mutinda Bombardier 3221
Musobi Votoi Gunner N/9689
Musya Maitha Lance Bombardier L/50141
Musyoka Ngata Sergeant N/10704
Muteshi Etambo Gunner SP/23624
Muthoka Etumo Gunner N/10233
Mutio Mylitu Gunner N/6899
Mutiso Kithia Gunner N/3972
Mutiso Mzumbi Gunner N/14826
Mutua Katunda Gunner N/10098
Mutua Mmethiya Gunner N/10104
Mutuku Kioko Gunner N/16451
Muwili Sianda Gunner KML/3531
Muya Kasyoka Gunner N/14724
Muya Kikueo Gunner N/4709
Mwandi Nyangazi Gunner L/50402
Mwangi Macharia Gunner L/58528
Mwaniki Karani Gunner SWR/4553
Mwanzia Nindi Gunner N/3398
Mwawela Noanga Gunner DT/6464
Mwenda Karuiki Gunner L/58317
Mwinyikheri Zohoro Gunner L/51764
Mwita Chacha Gunner DT/7496
Mwita Makabrutya Gunner DT/7641
Mwita Marwa Gunner DT/7498
Mwita Marwa Gunner DT/10627
Mwita Wisandara Gunner DT/10661
Mworia Njuguna Gunner L/58375
Nafukho Werere Bombardier G/3410
Naliuma Bwana Gunner N/6933
Nasanaire Manasi Gunner L/51159
Nasoro Mtwale Gunner DT/10646
Nazarus Amri Gunner DT/7402
Ndambile Mihambo Gunner DT/10593
Nderu Mbaki Gunner L/58976
Ndesangio Ndenyaku Gunner TML/78815
Ndeto Mukuna Gunner KML/2539
Ndolo Ndundo Gunner TML/80946
Ndoo Ileli Gunner N/10084
Ndooni Muthoka Gunner KML/8299
Ngaeji Mfaume Gunner TML/182084
Nganda Ndumbi Lance Bombardier 6810
Ngichuru Mibuwa Gunner N/3014
Ngochi Unyangi Gunner KML/20194
Ngual Otieno Gunner DT/7969
Ngugi Gathanwa Gunner L/52442
Ngui Musia Gunner N/10095
Njagara Rwita Gunner KML/18190
Njoroge Kamau Gunner KML/29945
Njoroge Kamau Gunner L/58432
Njoroge Nganga Gunner KML/18088
Njoroge Njuguna Gunner N/42098
Njuguna Chege Gunner L/58313
Njuguna Kabubu Gunner L/58526
Nthenge Nziuko Gunner N/10696
Nyabosa Wiriba Gunner DT/7456
Nyaburuti Waduru Gunner DT/10717
Nyadera Adhiambo Gunner 15622
Nyambori Mangera Gunner DT/10104
Nyamlinga Ngasa Gunner DT/10572
Nyangoko Kibisa Gunner DT/10643
Nyawade Agutu Gunner KML/5344
Nyelu Handi Gunner DT/10597
Nyoukumo Mwita Gunner DT/10207
Nzile Machiya Gunner L/50236
Obayi Ojewa Gunner DT/10724
Obel Oluoch Gunner L/52438
Obuya Sienya Gunner KML/11519
Ochang Omenya Gunner N/11737
Ocheyi Oganga Gunner L/50199
Ochieng Meso Lance Bombardier 11648
Ocieng Tundo Gunner N/6997
Odera Odinga Bombardier N/10711
Odera Muhowa Gunner 14819
Odiera Okaka Gunner N/11819
Odiyo Ndede Gunner N/40799
Odongo Nyakado Gunner KML/5290
Odongo Okello Gunner N/11847
Ogutu Ulyechi Lance Bombardier DT/7533
Ohito Nyambare Gunner G/1741
Ojuok Ogutu Gunner G/1790
Okambo Abong Gunner N/6985
Okwanyi Asala Gunner 46659
Oluga Ojuong Gunner 36783
Oluoch Okutima Gunner 40063
Omari Abdallah Gunner DT/7601
Omari Hassani Gunner DT/9491
Omari Salim Gunner DT/6701
Omari Selemani Gunner L/50390
Omongo Ogira Gunner 28984
Onyuna Otieno Gunner G/1732
Osuru Ochen Gunner N/11404
Otera Okoli Gunner 37149
Otieno Oliech Gunner KML/20183
Otile Alele Gunner N/11911
Ouna Abiya Gunner N/7000
Owala Oodhiambo Gunner KML/30984
Owichi Kiraryo Gunner DT/7452
Owuko Olewe Gunner L/57867
Pafula Matobu Gunner KML/14779
Patrick Akwilapo Gunner DT/9633
Paul Gitau Kamau Gunner KML/20685
Paul Kibiko Gunner 1467
Paulo Baitwanasa Gunner UML/59711
Paulo Makonda Gunner DT/10769
Paund Pauli Gunner DT/7192
Penco Robi Gunner DT/10663
Petero Okok Gunner OO/6896
Petero Oradi Gunner KML/18946
Petero Serumaga Gunner L/50537
Petro Zacharia Gunner DT/7535
Phillipu Abdallah Gunner DT/7424
Pinga Kitundu Gunner DT/10679
Rajabu Faraji Gunner L/50227
Rajabu Salehe Gunner L/50403
Ramadan Ibrahim Gunner L/50448
Ramadhani Dikala Gunner DT/10408
Ramadhani Kabarazya Gunner DT/10745
Ramadhani Salehe Gunner L/50228
Ramazani Asumani Gunner DT/7513
Ramazani Mhondogwa Gunner DT/10339
Ramsing Mwakalukwa Gunner DT/7721
Rashidi Tibanyange Gunner L/50211
Richard Omoulo Gunner L/58401
Richard Opiyo Gunner L/58529
Rioba Mwita Lance Bombardier DT/10626
Rodreck Mukhama Gunner L/53885
Rukiko Katiriko Gunner DT/10660
Rukwaro Kimondo Gunner KML/17712
Ruto Kaino Gunner N/11136
Ruziga Mapolu Gunner DT/10738
Sabastian Mikaeli Gunner DT/8442
Saida Abdurahmani Gunner DT/7530
Saidi Bakari Gunner L/92271
Saidi Kanduru Gunner DT/7610
Saidi Mayumani Gunner L/50391
Saidi Sengenge Gunner DT/8570
Saidi Tibanyenda Gunner L/50221
Salenge Malugu Gunner 31776
Salim Ali Lance Bombardier DT/7407
Salumu Bakari Gunner L/50178
Salu Mwandi Bombardier N/6918
Samuel Pande Gunner KML/29533
Samwiri Nsamba Butada Lance Bombardier 22403
Sandago Karuguru Gunner DT/7516
Sanifolo Mabunga Gunner DT/10418
Sasamula Mtima Gunner DT/10749
Sebastian Semandia Gunner DT/7629
Selemani Mzee WO II (BSM) DT/7622
Selestin Modest Gunner DT/7103
Shabani Mbaraku WO II (BSM) L/50425
Shabani Ramazon Gunner L/50420
Shabani Selemani Gunner 23547
Shabani Wambali Gunner L/50188
Shabula Khamasi Gunner KML/30067
Shangiru Mungare Gunner DT/10734
Shija Kayanda Gunner DT/7518
Shija Kurwa Gunner DT/7131
Shija Mapigi Gunner DT/7529
Shilala Saida Gunner L/50471
Shimba Masele Gunner L/50239
Shindy Thunyana Gunner L/58696
Siaford Lembaranga Gunner OO/9174
Sila Arum Gunner DT/7640
Silanda Panda Gunner DT/10248
Siligwi Mwita WO II (BSM) DT/7576
Sinare Makiloli Gunner TML/90370
Singe Mutubu Gunner KML/3478
Sitefano Kamya Gunner L/51104
Sitina Masiba Gunner DT/10642
Sondo Onyango Gunner DT/10665
Stainer Kamtunda Bombardier DT/7565
Stanley Bulwad Gunner M/7420
Stephano Muhina Gunner DT/9638
Stephano Shimba Gunner L/50208
Sultan Silver Gunner DT/8564
Sumaili Mohamed Gunner DT/10695
Sunga Masamaki Gunner L/50214
Suter Kisut Sergeant N/9849
Tairifa Simon Kabitira Gunner TML/78732
Tajishe Mwalyoyo Lance Bombardier DT/7730
Takhagasi Moshi Gunner L/58142
Thomas Nambela Gunner DN/17980
Thomas Obare Lance Bombardier DT/7484
Thomas Oyoo Gunner KML/29263
Tiginya Maloja Gunner L/50412
Titu Kyusia Gunner N/10798
Tiyuba Wambura Gunner DT/10762
Uduba Opiyo Gunner N/11594
Usheleka Kulyama Gunner DT/10567
Valentino Lungene Gunner L/51136
Valtino Okeny Gunner L/51094
Victor Mlungusye Lance Bombardier DT/7608
Virsino Owor Gunner N/7757
Wainaina Gunner L/58658
Wakaba Yethuka Gunner L/57944
Waliekere Bwtala Gunner KML/29275
Walter Awaothogol Gunner 46643
Wambua Maingi Lance Bombardier N/10193
Wambua Masila Gunner N/7037
Wambugu Mbaki Gunner KML/31030
Wambura Kwame Gunner DT/10670
Wani Kenyi Gunner N/9798
Wanseobosa Gunner KML/20985
Warire Muneria Gunner G/3061
Warungu Wande Gunner SER/9618
Waryuba Sieki Gunner DT/10730
Wasikpyo Bunde Gunner KML/29865
Waweru Kamau Gunner L/52436
Wawiru Munya Gunner KML/26060
Were Oyo Gunner L/58522
Wickson Fulaye Gunner L/53754
William Matiku Gunner DT/10634
William Matovu Gunner 17113
William Raban Gunner DT/6790
Williamu Andiku Gunner N/11469
Wilson Okumu Gunner N/6660
Wisaka Kitaguti Gunner DT/10624
Wiyama Mutaka Gunner KML/20191
Yakobo Mmeingiya Gunner DT/7618
Yakobo Musoke Gunner 34516
Yeremia Ngollalei Gunner DtT7124
Yoa Mwenkkusho Bombardier DT/7611
Yohana Ambali Bombardier DT/7411
Yohana Asteri Gunner DT/7166
Yohana Mshsa Bombardier DT/7432
Yohanes Sewga Gunner DT/7393
Yokana Kiwanuka Gunner KML/20981
Yowana Musoke Gunner 49600
Yozefu Bamweyana Gunner L/51112
Yozefu Bitambaki Gunner L/51221
Yozefu Sikitonko Gunner L/51167
Yuiya Mulili Gunner N/6938
Yusuf Ngozi Lance Bombardier DT/7626
Yusufumukasa Bakale Gunner SER/23627
Zacharia Odoi Lance Bombardier L/51115
Zakaliya Oyat Gunner N/9843
Zakaria Mikael Gunner DT/7150
Zedekiya Kayondo Gunner UT/27
Zerubabeli Nsubugia Gunner UML/57295
Zubert Juma Gunner DT/7632

56th (Uganda) Field Battery
Attached to 301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Erifazi Muwanga Gunner N/7285
Juma Andikisi Lance Bombardier G/1996
Juma Lihayo Lance Bombardier 6109
Kibor Arap Tilia Gunner N/11678
Kimani Kikonyera Gunner KML/20184
Kimoi Keino Gunner 11684
Kiptotarap Birir Bombardier N/724
Machai Wanzofu Bombardier G/1998
Marona Sang Gunner 11688
Ndongori Muma Bombardier G/3060
Shikanga Wanjala WO II (BSM) G/3055

57th Field Battery
Attached to 301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Abare Songa Gunner G/3062
Lufunyo Asikuliya Gunner DT/7728
Michael Ereza Wanzofu Gunner G/1990

62nd Field Battery
Attached to 301st Field Regiment, East African Artillery

Anayngo Onura Gunner KML/21839

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (East Africa)

Akuku Nyalual Craftsman KML/29860
Awusa Likadi Private 45210
Cedrick Kenneth Craftsman 45175
Chinangwa Matewere Craftsman 45131
Chipazi Chipiza Craftsman KML/27315
Daniel Jumbe Private 45300
Eleck Chibwana Private 45214
Erifasi Onyango Private L/51228
Frachshon Malikeba Private 45177
Francis Kiarie Mungura Corporal 20205
Grayson Sitima Private 45289
Isaac Thomu Craftsman 45186
James Chasoloka Private 45008
Lailo Julius Private 45238
Morris Samiti Craftsman 45290
Muhia Karaja Craftsman 190325
Mwaka Suba Private 26692
Ndalu Kisala Private N/10814
Record Sadi Craftsman 45179

11th (East Africa) Divisional Signals, East African Corps of Signals

Benedicto Kasirye Signalman N/16515
Francis Musoke Signalman N/14981
Kamau Musa Signalman N/12337
Kisagi Mwambeo Signalman N/14851
Maina Kibata Signalman N/16494
Muse Musyoni Signalman N/15548
Paul Arare Signalman OO/6903
Peter Karamagi Signalman N/16531
Taricisio Otto Signalman N/16562
Were Wambulwa Signalman KML/18793
Wilhelm Joseph Signalman DT/9463

Army Service Corps (East Africa)

Harry Chitokoma Driver 45135
Robertson Chikoya Driver 45368

List of Survivors:

List of people who survived the sinking of the SS Khedive Ismail on 12 February 1944 in the Indian Ocean:

Royal Regiment of Artillery attached to 301st Field Regiment, East Africa Artillery

Army Officers

Stevens John Auverny OBE (34) Lieutenant Colonel 44175

Blackwood Michael Hill (27) Captain 166359
Boal Colin Kerr Bsc MB ChB RAMC (26) Scotland, Captain 236059
Davies Geoffrey Boverton Redwood (29) Captain 62689
Gale John Urbane (25) Captain 177350
Jeffries G. E. (?) Lieutenant (Royal Corps of Signals)
Owens Charles (33) Lieutenant (Quartermaster) 211123
Venning Richard Wentworth (25) Captain 117223

Please note: Captain Richard Wentworth Venning was not recorded on the Nominal List of Survivors initially taken on board HMS Petard on 12/13 February 1944. A letter sent to the author during August 2010, which was written by Captain Venning on 24 June 1944, revealed details that confirm that he was definitely a survivor of the troopship Khedive Ismail. Therefore his story has been added to the main text of this revision, as has his name to this list.

Army Personnel

Adamson Alexande Davie (29) Sergeant 803552
Boucher Alfred James (39) Sergeant AC/1462779 (attached from General Headquarters - 2nd Echelon)
Bracken William Hutchinson (25) Private/Gunner 2038636
Clow Raymond Herbert (25) Gunner 1133050
Dewitt Ernest Charles Sidney (30) Lance Bombardier 996670
Evemy Arthur Frank (34) Gunner 14283956
Fenton William (35) WO II (Battery Sergeant Major) 781411
Gilkay Donald Lewis McIntosh (21) Gunner 14255078
Green Walter (c. 30) Bombardier 4465110
Groom Henry (24) Lance sergeant 909291
Hepworth Albert Henry (47) WO II (Battery Sergeant Major) 805735
Meacher Robert John (20) Gunner 1156494
Mole Alexander George William (29) WO II (Battery Sergeant Major) 831727
Peake Albert James (28) Sergeant 826315
Power William M. (35) Sergeant AC/1065184
Roden Frank (32) Gunner 14247216
Routledge William Leonard (29) Gunner 14269079
Smith Arthur Henry (c.30) Gunner 13054528
Smith Lewis Mitchell (31) Lance Sergeant 906976
Thornton John Robert (34) Bombardier 768819
Waterfield George Edward (23) Bombardier 1456397
Wheeler (c. 30) Lance Bombardier 14285252
Williams Charles Frederick Dennis (24) WO II (Battery Sergeant Major) 953527

Women's Territorial Service (East Africa)

West Gloria Angèle (20) South Africa, Lance Corporal K/641

Women's Royal Naval Service

Chessell Dorothy Joan (18) Australia, Wren WRNS/45456
Munro Norah (22) Leading Wren WRNS/59023

150th General Hospital

Garrett Margaret Joyce (34) Canada, Nursing Sister, EAMNS
Hutchinson Phyllis (31) Nursing Sister, EAMNS
Meredith-Clease Beatrice (28) Nursing Sister, QAIMNS (R) P 266752

Crew of HMT Khedive Ismail

Ship's officers

Duncan John Anderson (32) Scotland, Chief Officer R 126086
Munday Cecil Henry Richards (35) Second Officer R 36609

Mawlam William (23) Electrician R 289334
Leleu Reginald Ivor (31) Troop Officer R 220687
Thomson William (22) Scotland, Second Radio Officer Special C/1539
Ainslie John Tweedie (26) Scotland, Third Radio Officer Special C/7640

Royal Navy Officers

Brunner Robert Henry Hugh (23) Lieutenant RN
Green Hugh Stanley (43) Lieutenant (Special Branch) RNVR
Boyle Philip Terence (27) Surgeon Lieutenant RNVR
Johnston Andrew Anderson (31) Paymaster Lieutenant RNVR MX 80960

Royal Navy Personnel

Barlow Lawrence Elmer (19) Sick Berth Attendant C/MX 112072
Bowles Cyril Valentine (19) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 161367
Bowles Stanley (19) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 157261
Bridges Ernest George William (38) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 527845
Briggs William (22) PO Motor Mechanic P/MX 116991 also KX 150043
Casey Wilfred (24) Stoker 1st Class D/KX 105121
Cockerell Reginald Charles (23) Engine Room Artificer P/MX 99575 also
JX 298470
Cox Vernon Aubrey (18) Leading Motor Mechanic D/MX 510966 also JX 370593
Crabb Percival (28) Petty Officer Stoker D/KX 85084
Currie Kenneth McKay (20) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 560419
Davis Alfred Arthur George (19) Ordinary Telegraphist P/JX 405921
Daykin Kenneth Ernest (20) Leading Motor Mechanic C/MX 125808 also
JX 354353
Docwra Leonard James (21) Marine (Royal Marines) P/X 3183
Field Frederick (18) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 528027
Fox Thomas Benjamin (18) Coder C/JX 609705
Green Stanley Frank (25) Petty Officer C/SSX 20055
Griffiths Thomas Leslie (38) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 526565
Hack Frank George (23) Photographer (A) FAA/JX 453857 also F/MX 513437
Halloway Dennis John (23) Engine Room Artificer 4th Class C/MX 53957
Heath Ronald (19) Telegraphist D/JX 453159
Hodgkison Frederick (41) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 527882
Howard William Robert (21) Leading Signalman – on loan from HMS Hawkins (MID – London Gazette – 9 May 1944) P/SSX 35227
Howkey Berryman Ridley (20) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 161103
Jordan Charles Robert Sydney (22) Able Seaman P/SSX 29472
Mitchell Harry (38) Ordnance Mechanic 5th Class JX 100764
Morgan Samuel (33) Petty Officer D/JX 126143
Ozanno Frederick Charles James (18) Stoker 2nd Class D/KX 577310 also
JX 356448
Page William Ashley (22) Petty Officer Sick Berth C/MX 85262
Palmer John Robert (22) Engine Room Mechanic 5th Class C/MX 505902
Parry Harold (23) Sick Berth Attendant P/MX 111640
Pini Patrick Noel (19) Australia, Stoker 2nd Class W 2490 RANR
Redman George Harry Joseph (20) Shipwright 5th Class P/MX 61594
Rudd Sydney Ernest (19) Engine Room Mechanic C/MX 622719 also KX 166761
Smith James John Pringle (22) Able Seaman P/JX 157004
Storr Leslie (28) Able Seaman (ex-Merchant Navy/T 124) R 142770 RNVR
Turner Edwin William (17) Ordinary Signalman P/JX 573375
Turner Leonard Charles Kelland (26) Petty Officer D/JX 137854
Walker Alastair (33) Petty Officer D/JX 115090
White George (43) Leading Seaman C/J 44739

The discovery of one more survivor, that of Captain Richard Wentworth Venning², means that the Nominal List of Survivors recorded on board HMS Petard should have been 215 and not 214, as previously recorded.

301st Field Regiment. East Africa Artillery

Abisai Gunner (Signalman) DT/10746
Abu Baltari Signalman DT/7162
Adina Sergeant L/31081
Acunda Fitter 190598
Alamani Sergeant 4371
Alban Signalman DT/10710
Allegro Driver 22429
Alexander Signalman 38397
Ali Rashidi Gunner DT/10374
Ambega Sergeant L/57941
Amni Signalman DT/8446
Amen Signalman DT/7723
Andrea Driver 5384
As Angal Wiye Signalman DT/7720
Attilio Sergeant L/51161
Bachubira Driver L/50222
Bakari Gunner DT/7420
Barnabas Gunner DT/7426
Bashi Gunner L/50439
Basingo Gunner 5052
Beato Gunner DT/10706
Bernard Sergeant L/48080
Blassio Lance Corporal 12342
Bone Lance Bombardier DT/10708
Boniface Signalman DT/7416
Buonaventuad Signalman DT/7138
Burugu Sergeant L/58527
Celestini Signalman DT/8443
Chanu Driver 5010
Chesuluk Lance Bombardier 2450
Cristofa (45) Sergeant 182238
Clementi Driver L/50400
Damiano Driver 11460
Daniel Gunner (Signalman) L/50538
Doto Driver L/50225
Elige Signalman N/11926
Enos Signalman DT/7563
Emanuel Sergeant 183124
Ewami Gunner L/50421
Fidensio Gunner (Signalman) DT/10507
Geramija Gunner DT/10780
Ghuli Armament Assistant 190080
Hatima Sweeper DT/18191
Hota Sergeant DT/7637
Hyena Electrician L/51713
Idi Cook DT/10336
Ionatius Dresser 3530
Isaac Gunner (Signalman) DT/7564
Issa Yakub Gunner L/50439
Jacob Signalman DT/7130
Kaloke Blacksmith 26082
Kamabela Gunner DT/13929
Kaman Sergeant 29904
Kamau Mpeya Sergeant L/50072
Kanau Mwangi Sergeant 29336
Karaja Mess Cook 29878
Kasami Gunner DT/10133
Kasimbagi Gunner DT/10565
Kea Signalman 43353
Khaima Gunner DT/7418
Kibarus Sergeant (Bombardier) 1067
Kinwaga Gunner DT/10375
Kipkeri Lance Bombardier DT/11717
Kiposke Driver DT/11145
Kitchi Gunner DT/8566
Livingstone Lance Corporal DT/16609
Lusania (37) Clerk L/51097
Mabugu Driver DT/10782
Magaga Gunner DT/10667
Maiki Driver DT/10774
Martino Gunner L/51722
Masalu Cook L/50203
Masan Bombardier DT/11700
Mathiku Signalman DT/10566
Mbow Gunner DT/10723
Mganga Gunner DT/7524
Michael Gunner DT/10713
Moher Sergeant 502347
Mohogomtu Gunner DT/10602
Muhaui Gunner DT/7025
Musa Bombardier HT/57
Mwargi Mess Steward L/58291
Mwirura Sergeant 20190
Mwaruwambara Gunner 96769
Mzugwa Gunner DT/10771
Nampwan Gunner DT/7427
Nasodo Gunner DT/10702
Ngalua Driver L/50205
Nsioki Driver 3647
Ntulile Gunner DT/10081
Oburya Gunner 21988
Pantaleo Driver DT/11323
Rashida Signalman 6798
Rashweia Signalman 2385
Robert Signalman 22243
Robin Signalman L/53375
Saidi Driver DT/10617
Samuel Gunner 58346
Sampson Gunner L/51165
Sendi Sergeant 7061
Shaluk Driver 45113
Sidrek Driver 4528
Sija Gunner DT/10606
Simeon Driver L/51190
Thomasi Sergeant L/52441
Wambua Bombardier DT/10212
Wilson Gunner L/51093
Yampanda Gunner DT/10604
Yasini Gunner (Signalman) DT/7635
Yegela Gunner DT/10777
Yahanna Sergeant 20192
Yusuf Signalman DT/16552
Zuberi Fitter 46876

Crew of HMT Khedive Ismail

Deck Department

Jacob Ali Aman Ali (64) Chittagong Seacunny (Quartermaster) 43335
Jayu Hussein Ossy Meah (42) ChittagongTindal (Boatswain's Mate) 074371
Junal Anwarad Abdul Majid Bhujah (25) Tipperah Lascar A 45034
Kadir Abdul Thandumea (?) Chittagong Lascar NP
Musufur Ali Habiz Ali (46) Sylhet Serang (Boatswain) 035883
Shufeil Mohamed Surfoodin (38) Chittagong Seacunny 007293

Engine Room Department

Ayul Ali Yaqub Ali (21) Sylhet Fireman A 51897
Bux Rahim Mohamed Sadir (37) Sylhet Fireman 0013166
Hormia Ali Ajdhar Mian Musufur Ali (24) Sylhet Trimmer B 26098

Saloon Department

Fernandes Andrew (26) Goa Scullion (Kitchen Assistant) 34389
Fernandes Erick Xavier (37) Goa Troop Assistant Cook 18188
Fernandes Heric (53) Goa General Service Boy 85618
Gufur Abdul Mubarak Ali (45) Chittagong Bhandary (Crew's Cook) R 3849
Ismail Mohamed Basaie (38) Allahabad Barber NP
Mendonca Manuel (26) Goa Troop Vegetable Cook 35150
Vas Maria Trinidade (36) Goa Troop Storekeeper 14687

Total East African personnel lost: 676

Total personnel (of European/Asian/Oriental origin) lost: 620

Total number of people lost (on Saturday 12 February 1944): 1,296

Total number of people rescued: 215

Total number of personnel on board at the time of sinking: 1,511

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